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  1. expensive - very expensive............. logs/wood/coal - expensive, stove - expensive, fitting by hetas - expensive
  2. yeah the same 'mighty exeter' who slapped in FOUR against your at 'the home of football (cough) bramal lane' :
  3. can't understand why anyones interested prem footballers (AKA) prima donna divis all need a slap to a man and besides Evras hardly an angel is he ? the little muppet.... ps i know they got money an fame - yawnsville !
  4. I' m keeping clear of mtv, r n' b, flava channels etc, plus not watchin any tributes on telly either etc cos of the screeching and wailing of people like mary j blige, rhianna, beyonce, and probably the worst of all mariah carey !!
  5. I know of someone who's called their young un - wait for it ..............De Niro !!!!!!! ha ha how chavvy can you get ??:hihi:
  6. gas stoves and fires will still work during power cuts, central heating wont - multi fuel stoves just aint worth the effort and expense in my experience, the ideas all great nice n cosy but realities a bit different - well it was for me ...!
  7. i agree mate and did the same thing, removed the jotul stove and liner and refitted a gas jotul stove and new 5 inch liner much cleaner and less hassle, wood and solid fuel sound ace but too manx downsides for me
  8. my ex brother in law is a black cabbie in London and has been for 20 odd years, he says if anything down there its getting busier, i tell him its dead here
  9. unbelievable, sounds like this teacher needs a bit of a slap - hasn't she ever heard of Arctic Monkeys or Sean Bean ? what a silly cow !
  10. on the contrary Agent O it taught me the ways of the world and i like to think i've never had my pants pulled down as an adult or a chabby because of that upbringing, people in and out of the house all the time, my older cousins and uncles making us spar with boxing gloves on that were bigger than our heads, i loved it
  11. any woman who doesn't say fahreneit is either under 30 or/and has never smelled it you cannot beat fahreneit i'm afraid, i always get/got comments about it and always top up when going benidorm or corfu
  12. dont care how they vote, thing is if we go in to help and kill innocents they will all be burning union jacks and threatening terror and calling us occupiers and people on here would say we were ony there for the oil - its a no win situation. you see when muslims kill muslims well thats just fine - silence even....... but if we kill them even when helping them out we are baby killing murderers, and there for the oil again !!!!!!
  13. Some people laugh at Shameless, I don't as to me the Shameless tv series was being brought up around Pitsmoor in the 70's and spending the rest of my weekends, school hols at friends/aunts/uncles at Parson X I wouldn't swap any of my memories for nothing
  14. what does blog mean ? is it some kind of diary ? if yes why not just call it a diary about woodseats ? you get me ?
  15. What is pitcher&piano ? just looked on google images is it like a wetherspoons franchise ?
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