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Can I download the MacAppStore app?


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Yes, was accidentally. I'm on SL 10.6.8. Going to grab the combo update now, thanks VideoPro.


Half-tempted to re-install my OS from scratch too, iTunes still has it's knickers in a twist, and won't run the first time I click it (have to force quit, and run it a second time, to get it going).

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Reinstalling is a Windows thing. Mac OS is a bit different.


Launch Disk Utility and run the repair permissions function on your boot drive. Try iTunes again.


If that doesn't help, go to Users/your name/Library/Preferences and move the file: com.apple.itunes.plist out of that folder - you can put it on the desktop. When you launch iTunes the next time, it will re-create that file with default values.

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Neither of those things helped Video Pro. I can't seem to find any error logs for iTunes either. Re-install the OS should fix, but bit of an extreme measure (unless I'm doing that anyway, which I may well do, with Lion, hmm, and could put a SSD in my Mac too at the same time).

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