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Mechanics please read.


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Hi all, this is a plea for someone to take a look at Nigels transit for him, Nigel runs Helping Hands rescue but is having trouble with his van at the moment.


Is their any kind mechanic out there that could please take a free look at his van for him as he obviously needs it to continue his valuable work.


I'm posting this as i know he's too proud to post himself but he really needs some help asap.


Nigel, i hope you don't mind me posting this, it's the only way i can help as i'm not mechanically minded or i'd be there like a shot.


Thanks for reading.

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All i know at the minute is the van has a leak, not sure if it's oil or water though, just hope it's something simple that can be fixed on the spot.

And if you need another pair of hands to pass you tools etc let me know, my mechanical limit is changing a ball joint or a rad etc. :hihi:

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