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  1. Hi, I have emailed you but in case it doesn't arrive.... I am one of Robert's sisters. (He has 4) Unfortunately he had a heart attack in 2004 that left him with severe brain damage and has been resident in Mickley Hall care home at Totley since then.
  2. Several is more than twice but not many. I suppose it depends on whether you consider 4 or 5 many. Semantics really. I'm not quite ready for the mobility scooter - maybe next visit :hihi:
  3. Who said I've been there 3 times? I've been 5 times! Guess I'm just one of those adorable women who likes to please her man
  4. I think the programme is brilliant - so funny. Been to Benidorm a few times and don't like the place because it's not my type of holiday. OH loves it and goes every November with his mates for the Fiesta.
  5. I worked there as a nurse 1983 - 2004. We used to park on side roads until they were all double - yellow lined or made into 2 hour parking bays. I was lucky that my partner could drop me off on his way to work in the morning and pick me up after otherwise I faced a 9.30 pm walk down Mushroom Lane and Ponderosa to get home, or take an hour going the safe way to town and back. Late shifts I had to walk as there was no direct bus route. We were told that management were not bothered how we got to work and back again (David Whitney the big boss) and that he himself had given up his permit...what he didn't add was that he'd secured parking for himself on the Beech Rd offices. I don't know what happens now but consultants paid £50/year for parking and had that refunded when they left. We were also informed that 'essential' staff had priority for parking passes but that we non-essential nurses were welcome to use the car park at weekends, nights and Bank hols when the essential staff suddenly weren't so essential after all.
  6. Oooh I've always liked Brian Blessed ever since he played Fancy Smith in Z Cars when I was a little girl.
  7. I went to Tesco pharmacy. Brilliant service, no queues and free for certain groups of people.
  8. I wasn't being sarcastic if you mean me. I was saying thank you because what I wrote about 68 year olds working was what I was afraid of for the future. I really know nothing about economics but what you said makes sense so I said thanks for the info.
  9. Ah right, thanks. I don't know about economics.
  10. There are no live viruses in the vaccine so it's likely that you have caught flu or some other flu-like virus before the vaccine took effect. A lot of people have been complaining of the same symptoms as yours and are being advised to see their GP if the coughing persists as it may be a chest (bacterial) infection and this is turn can result in aching muscles and fatigue due to loss of sleep and the effort of coughing. I had the same and got antibiotics from my GP. Keep warm, try paracetamol and I hope you feel better soon.
  11. Everyone I know that are now in their 60s and 70s is appalled that the retirement age has risen to 68. They have children and grandchildren facing this. They know that although people are living longer it is due to medical intervention for conditions that were once life-limiting. They also know, from experience that a 65 year old body is still a 65 year old body with all it's attendant aches, pains and tiredness. I actually mentioned this in post #16. We are on our way to a society where 60+ year old workers are expected to work as labourers, nurses, teachers and a generation (or two or three or four) of young people will be frozen out of the job market.
  12. It actually doesn't affect me, but I still support it.
  13. You have been quite rude to me during the thread, even attacking my signature, however having looked at some of your posts on other threads I realise that this is your normal style of posting i.e insult people and try to make yourself look clever (which you don't) and present yourself as some kind of expert debater (which you aren't). To be perfectly honest I feel that you are either being deliberately obtuse or are a bit too thick to understand, so, either way it's not worth wasting my time replying to you anymore. The facts are there for those who want to know them and have the ability to understand them, even if they don't agree. Thank you for your input to the thread, but I'm afraid I must leave you to argue with someone on another topic because frankly, I just find you irritating .
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