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Hand maid Dolls Houses


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I used to make dolls houses and other wooden items many years ago,mainly for my daughter,who is know 30 years of age.I wonder,is there a market for such items now.I am thinking perhaps,besides the pleasure of the craft,would it be a lucrative cottage industry.Any comments would be most welcome.

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Dollshouses is a big thing now, not just for children. Adults have them as collector items as I have one myself. There are dollhouse fairs all over the country. Look online and buy a dollshouse magazine from W H Smiths.

There is a dollshouse fair in Pudsey, Leeds in April that I go to, If you can, go and get some inspiration.

Websie for pudsey fair is http://www.doreenjeffriesdollshousefairs.co.uk


Hope that helps



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Hand made items can be hugely popular, often many dolls house fair only let you sell hand made or at least a large percentage handmade so that could be a good venue otherwise independant dolls house shops will often stock your items and take a commission on sale as another venue. We often did this in our shop but we are closing in March and continuing online and local orders only but if your interested I would be happy to put your work or link on our website.

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I'm a miniaturist, and sell my work on Etsy. It's an American site, and it's enabled me to sell my work all over the world. It's really easy to use, and you get your own online shop on their site, it's really worth checking out

hope this helps

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