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  1. On a few occasions when in Ikea restaurant at Gateshead I’ve seen obese adults with obese children under the age of 12 and I do mean obese, the adults struggle to walk because they are grossly overweight. Is it neglect allowing  the  children to be overweight the same as the parents?

    I agree with Al, I also like unhealthy fast food and chocolate but don’t eat it every day because it’s harmful to your health. 

  2. 2 minutes ago, El Cid said:


    Who are we going to war with, with selling arms to Ukraine, are we still best mates with Russia?

    China is on the side of Russia these days, if war is on the horizon, we need to increase our food and energy independence, and troops come last.

    I agree we need to be more self sufficient. The days of invading other countries I feel are over. 




  3. I’ve just watched this when the MP Craig Mackinlay who had his hands and feet amputated last year because of sepsis receive a standing ovation from all parties when he entered the House of Commons for the first time since his operation.  For a few minutes the general election was forgotten and all parties appeared to come together praising him.

    What a brave man and enjoyed his speech. 






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  4. There’s a lot of Tories standing down, is it because they’ve conceded that they are not going to win the next general election?

    The majority of people I know who voted for the Tories at the last general election say they won’t be voting for them this time round and a few are also saying they will not be voting for Labour. 

    Has Rishi Sunak called a general election to avoid a leadership challenge? I thought he would have waited until interest rates started to come down. 

  5. The Tattooist of Auschwitz

    Based on a true story.  I couldn’t watch some of the six episodes all the way through, not because of poor acting, which was very good, I found it to harrowing to watch in parts.  You can feel the helplessness and despair of the prisoners in Auschwitz. It’s a reminder of how many people passed through the gates and never came out again.


  6. 1 hour ago, Al Bundy said:

    I dread to think about you opening a can of corned beef!!

    I’ve  had corned beef for my tea, no problems opening the tin. However I think if Padders tried to open the tin he would probably break the key half way round the tin and end up sawing through the tin with a knife. 



  7. 1 hour ago, Al Bundy said:

    I dread to think about you opening a can of corned beef!!

    I’ve  had corned beef for my tea, no problems opening the tin. However I think if Padders tried to open the tin he would probably break the key half way round the tin and end up sawing through the tin with a knife. 



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  8. 1 hour ago, Padders said:

    I've been very busy Mr. Hauxwell.



    Nothing works!!!

    I've spent the last couple of days chiseling away at it with a knife and a screwdriver, I've destroyed several tin openers, dropped it repeatedly, punched it, kicked it, called the pie a stubborn git, begged it to open, head butted it, and even partaken in demonic rituals and still can't open it...

    I've tried to run over a tin in my car, and finished up with a raw steak and kidney up my rear wheel arches.

    Do I eat the pie and ignore the metal, or eat the metal and ignore the pie?

    I'm seriously thinking that when diplomancy fails and the Russians start to nuke us, I'll use em to build a nuclear shelter.

    Advice needed urgently as I have reached the stage of not caring!!!




    It might be a lot easier if you bought Greggs Steak Bakes, no tins to wrestle with only a packet. 

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  9. 14 minutes ago, SheffieldForum said:

    Should open one on The Moor...



    Hopefully they'll be on soon. 


    DNS seems to largely be filtered through, but even in my case my home internet provider still hasn't caught up and is showing the old server! My mobile and office connections are finding the new site OK now, but the home one just isn't having it so far. I suspect @Padders is having similar trouble.



    Yes I’m sure Padder’s will be trying his best to log on.  

  10. 24 minutes ago, Thirsty Relic said:

    I would hope that the landlord himself would post on this page, when he finds it. 

    Poor guy, I saw his avatar on another thread - it looks like somebody has thrust an ice-cream cone in his face - he deserves more respect that that!.

    That was funny.  I also hope the landlord starts to post soon.  I was wondering if like me he had trouble trying to log onto the forum.   


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  11. The Chief Executive has seen his pay double to £10 million after improvements in the supermarkets performance. Tax profits has risen to £2.3 billion in its annual report. 


    With food prices still increasing I’m not surprised profits are the highest in more than a decade. 

    I’m not saying the supermarket’s haven’t had problems because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine and a few other things but I think they have been doing some profiteering and using the cost of living crisis to increase food knowing people have no option but to pay there prices for just the basics.  


    It does make you wonder what the supermarkets will do in the future if they want to raise there profits further. 

  12. 23 minutes ago, mafya said:

    I’m pleased she lost because her song was propaganda and if Russia can be banned then why not Israel? Did you hear what the Israeli broadcaster said about the Irish act?

    israel is despised for a reason 

    I haven’t watched all of the singers so far. Didn’t like the winning song as for the UK we’ve sent worse singers to the Eurovision. I thought the Israel girl wasn’t bad, I’m pleased politics was kept out of it and other countries did vote for her.  

  13. I haven’t watched the show yet.  Will probably  watch some of it tonight.  It’s just a shame that politics and governments can’t be kept out of the Eurovision Song Contest.

    The Israeli girl was confined to her hotel room when not on stage because of death threats, pleased she came in the top 5.




  14. I was told near where I live the sea front of Tynemouth and Whitley Bay there was a lot of skygazers waiting for the Northern Lights, people were standing and sitting on the sand. The first night, Friday, a relative said the aurora was beautiful it was glowing over St Mary’s Lighthouse at Whitley Bay but I was told it was disappointing the second night.  Wished I had made an effort to watch it.

  15. 17 hours ago, SheffieldForum said:

    It is late but if you can, head outside, look north, take some photos…


    The Aurora Borealis is currently dancing over Sheffield. The first time I’ve ever seen it!





    I feel there is something spiritual about the photo. I don’t know much about photography but that is very good, you have definitely captured the moment.  

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  16. 2 hours ago, Anna B said:

    I have to agree with Daddy. The Astrazenica vaccine is now hitting the headlines because it caused blood clots - maybe not in everyone but more than they will ever let on. It's going to become another scandal on the scale of theinfected blood transfusion debacle of the 70s which is still ongoing. 


    The biggest mistake was refusing to tell people the truth at the time, and covering up anyone trying to get the message out including doctors. 

    The tragedy is it could have been avoided with the adminstration of a simple D dimer test before the covid injection which would have identified people who were susceptable to blood clots and could therefore make their own decision. 


    I lost two relatives, a father and son, to blood clots in 2021 following the injections. 

    I know a lady who had a blood clot in her arm which went to her heart after having the Astrazeneca vaccine, she was in hospital for a few weeks. She blamed the vaccine.  

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