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  1. Would like to fish the match but cant due to no transport hope u all have a good days fishing
  2. hi all just wondering when herries pond is taking new members as i live in s5 longley area and looking to fish somwhere local thanks.
  3. They wasnt open when I put this thread up will fone up now
  4. Just wondering if hillsborough jobcentre is open today with all the snow
  5. My partnerReally needs somebody who is willing to have some company when fishing as dont have no transport and really missing the sport
  6. Hi, we would be happy to foster one of the kittens we have 2 females Mitzee a ragamuffin who is 4 months and Daisy a tortie who is 5 months thank you xx
  7. Morrisons at hillsborough that's where we got ours today. They are leaving banana boxes with lids at the end of each checkout. Hope this helps!
  8. Clinton Woods Boxing Fitness Gym Carley Drive, Westfield, S20 8NQ Give him a ring on 07580486005 /01142474925 also St Thomas Boys and Girls boxing Club Newman Road Sheffield brendan ingles gym
  9. would he do 1 on 1 with a complete novice like me ? thanks anthony
  10. Hi was just wondering if any boxing gyms offer 1 to 1 boxing coaching as i am looking to take up the sport and have never done any training to do with the sport in my life thanks anthony
  11. Cheers for all the advice, I appreciate all the feedback you have given me. Thank you
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