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  1. Hi has anyone used these before and have any feedback? Many thanks
  2. Hi Does car boot in chesterfield centre on Sundays still happen? The one on the car park. Thanks
  3. Hi Can anyone recommend a paint balling place for my sons 11th birthday. A lot of the places on google charge their own fee but the actual centres are cheaper and you just have to pay for paint balls I think. If anyone has recommendations or contact details that would be great. Thanks in advance
  4. Hi my condenser dryer has stopped turning. Possibly the belt? Can anyone advise anyone who can fix? Thanks in advance
  5. The whole process takes quite a while but the time the discharge prescription is in pharmacy is actually relatively short. A system is used to record the time the prescription is received to the time it is ready to be collected. Often the process of the doctor creating the letter takes up the most time, then it has to be sent to pharmacy to be clinically checked, labelled, dispensed and checked again. Often the most problems occur at the clinical stage where a doctor will have to clarify or amend something. All these checks are necessary to ensure patient safety. It can be frustrating I'm sure the volume of work sent to pharmacy is massive and sometimes it is assumed that simply putting a box of tablets in a bag should take 5 mins but it doesn't work that that!
  6. Hi sorry, it's a joint 40th and 70th and they'll be kids so some old 'cheesy' stuff and current pop kind of stuff too
  7. Hi Looking for a good DJ for family party for sat 24thmay (bank holiday weekend). Thanks
  8. Hi, I had an operation just before Christmas and my car has been stood for 3 weeks (tomorrow). I plucked up the courage to go for a little drive today! When I brake slowly, the brakes kind of judder and I sort of felt it even when I pressed the pedal. Is this just rust or something that will work itself out after a few more drives? (They were fine before) Thanks for any help!
  9. I live in the maisonettes near the shops, if that's what was meant by the 'block of flats.' It's fine on here, very quiet actually and everyone seems lovely in the couple of years I've lived here.
  10. Yep... I commented before. My son has since gone to school but my daughter is still at Fairmount hackenthorpe until she starts school in September. I still say it's a great nursery. Very caring staff, very flexible and my daughter is happy to go in a morning and is always happy when I go to get her. X
  11. theres also quite a few apps where u can 'upload' photos and have them delivered in the post. Jessops have one i think, the one i use is called spool.
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