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  1. I'm thinking of buying a house near Birley Primary Academy (S12). Can anyone tell me about that area? Is it safe/friendly? Is my wife (Vietnamese) likely to experience problems with racism around there? For reference, I grew up in Hillsborough. No kids yet, but probably in the next few years. Thanks!
  2. Nah, sorry. My band days were about 14 years ago, all videos have been lost to the ages. Fun times though, would be nice to have another bash ! I'll get some electric guitar stuff up on YouTube soon.
  3. Hi Leo, I'm a guitarist also looking to jam or form/join a band, and I'm also based in Hillsborough. Give me a shout if you'd be up for jamming some time? For more about me please see my post http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1501166.
  4. Guitarist, experience spanning 15 years and 40 gigs. I'm looking to join/form a band or busking outfit. I can play lead, rhythm, electric, acoustic, classical, fingerstyle - anything goes. My standard is somewhere between intermediate and advanced, and I'd like to push my abilities further. Haven't filmed myself for a while but here are videos from a few years ago (all acoustic, but I play electric to the same standard): I previously played in a melodic death metal group, but I have diverse tastes and would consider almost any style. Original or covers. Just seeing what's out there for now. I'm based in S6.
  5. Guitarist, 31, interested. I've played around 40 gigs total in a band I was in for 3 years a decade ago. I'm able to commit to regular rehearsals. Please see my post http://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=1501166 for more details.
  6. I'm a guitarist also looking to join or start a band. I'm 31 with 15 years guitar experience and play acoustic and electric in diverse styles. I've played in gigging bands before (about 40 gigs total). Based in S6.
  7. I'm interested in getting together with other martial artists for skill trading, conditioning, and maybe light sparring. I've studied various martial arts / related activities including styles focusing on striking (muay thai, kickboxing), grappling (BJJ, wrestling), both (MMA, traditional jujitsu), and general movement (parkour, freerunning, tricking, yoga). I have about 16 years of experience in total and coach some of those styles freelance. On a sunny day, some practice in a park would be great. Hillsborough Park is my closest venue but I could travel. If anyone is into sparring I have gloves/shin guards/gum shield, and now and then I also train bare-handed light continuous controlled sparring with friends, which is fun. Otherwise just some technique trading/bodyweight conditioning/sprints etc. could be good. I'm really looking to meet other experienced martial artists, but if there is a demand for it, I could also organise coaching or personal training sessions for beginners; however I'd need insurance for this and would charge something for my time.
  8. Anywhere within a half mile of Lime Street is safe, preference for south and west of there. From the Royal, anywhere towards the city centre is fine, going too far into Kensington isn't great. You might be able to find a city centre one bed apartment for less than 500 pcm, although if you're including bills and council tax in that budget, then maybe not. I was lucky to find a good private 1-bed rental bang in the centre on Gumtree, but with council tax and bills it still tops 500 pcm, and most people I know pay more than I do for rent in the city centre. Might be worth considering student areas such as Smithdown Rd., Lark Lane, and possibly Aigburth although that's a bit far from the Royal. If you can handle a short local train commute, most of the suburbs to the North that are accessible by the Merseyrail metro aren't too bad (e.g. Bootle, Crosby). I'd advise staying away from Princes Park, Toxteth, Croxteth, Anfields, and all but the nearest parts of Kensington to the Royal.
  9. Hope there are some RTS fans in here. I don't know if anyone ever played Total Annihilation (1997) but it was a pretty special game for its time. It spawned two commercial 'spiritual successors' in Supreme Commander 1 and 2, and also several open source remakes, one of which (Spring Engine) is really good, especially the derivative game Zero-K (which is 100% free at http://zero-k.info/). Well, some of the developers involved in TA have just started a kickstarter for a new game called Planetary Annihilation that looks absolutely amazing. It will feature vaguely TA style gameplay (robots and explosions) on spherical planets in procedurally generated solar systems. Hard to put down in words exactly how awesome that makes it, so it's well worth checking out the video on their kickstarter page... Hoping it can get enough funding for the galactic war stretch goal!
  10. Is it exploitation? $2 a day would be a good wage in some parts of Africa. Boycotting products from Africa may prevent families from being able to eat. I doubt that the stakes are as high for the people in Australia.
  11. Haha Exceptional insult. Yeah, she's a genuinely horrible person by all accounts, I've read an article on her before somewhere that wasn't exactly flattering.
  12. You are entitled to your opinion regarding my intellect, but it's rude to spell it out like that. Perhaps you should apply your considerable powers of cognition to acquiring some manners. I actually went to University for 7 years and I work in a field with substantial movement of people internationally. That means that I have to be competitive and earn my way as part of a global workforce. Why should being born in one particular location entitle someone to rights far beyond those of someone born elsewhere? In your scenario, you'd rather that capable people were condemned to a "hell hole" (your words) while you lived a privileged life through no personal merit other than place of birth? Having lived in a developed country should have given Australians ample opportunity to gain skills that people in developing countries won't have. If they're equally skilled, either the Aussies have been doing something wrong or the "imports" have been working damn hard and deserve the job.
  13. I've never worked in mining in Australia if that's what you mean, but if they pay that sort of money, where do you sign up? Do you think that the people from "the third world" do a worse job? If they can do the same job for less money why shouldn't she employ them?
  14. Also it seems easier to get cheap second hand mountain bikes than for road bikes.
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