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  1. Is the folk forest free this year in endcliffe park ?
  2. Looking on net weather live radar. Very heavy rain coming up for this evening. Some lightening possible as well.
  3. There is also Stancill brewery which has just opened.... http://www.stancillbrewery.co.uk/
  4. Interestingly enough brand new BBC forecast has significant snow for tonight / tomorrow for us. http://www.bbc.co.uk/weather/
  5. Wednesday / Thursday this week looks interesting.... https://pbs.twimg.com/media/B7tachTCAAAoZuD.png:large
  6. Anyone know why clarkhouse road was closed at all this morning around the Francis Newton pub area ? Had to make a detour as the road was completely closed off both ways. Try and avoid the area...
  7. Irony is a "charity" closing a shop that relies on the work of volunteers to run it being closed due to it not making enough money by selling freely donated goods......
  8. FYI SWFC bought the land at Hillsborough when it was all green fields well before any housing. The housing built up around the football ground, not the other way round.
  9. I'm sure the NHS are quite happy to treat sporting injuries. Means the person is leading an active lifestyle and less likely to have chronic health and expensive long term problems ---------- Post added 13-02-2014 at 10:08 ---------- Such as shame about the ski village. All the interviews with the skiing people were complaining about how small the indoor slopes are at castleford excape, etc. The Ski Slope used to have its own half-pipe and mogul run for example.
  10. Looking at the metoffice charts, there is a real chance we might get quite a bit more than the 'light dusting' predicted by the bbc IMHO It's also due 1st thing in the morning. Not seen any signs of the gritters either.... Just a word of morning it, might be chaos I think...
  11. Happening in Costa in the eccy road precinct as well. Overheard a conversation that people were coming in and looking for phones / wallets to nick that were on display in the tables. Police informed. Be careful and look after your gear.
  12. If you log onto trip advisor there are quite a lot of negative reviews about Leeds arena... Organisation, layout etc. etc.
  13. Imagine if the council had decided to spend this sort of cash improving Don Valley.......
  14. Seems to be my Sinuses that are painful for me :-(
  15. How bad has it been over the last couple of weeks in sheffield. Don't Normally get it, but have have had it really bad over the past few weeks ! Not sure about anyone else !
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