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  1. It's been very interesting sat with my father reading the posts about crookes. Our family has a long history within the area, especially on my grandmothers side, the Wragg's. Dorothy (Dolly) Wragg married Hubert Bell (my grandfather) in the early 30's. Hubert went into business with John Kenyon after Spooners butchers shop, where he had worked from being a lad, was passed on to them by George Spooner. The shop was then called Kenyon & Bell - Not just Kenyons. Whilst my grandfather was at war my grandmother, Dolly Bell ran the shop with Kenyon. My grandfather then bought Kenyon out in the 50's and the shop name changed to H.Bell until sometime in the 70's when the shop was sold on. My father, Terry, also had a butchers shop during the 80's, T. C. Bell, further down the road at 146 crookes, next to the chemist. Seems strange to me that our old shop has now been converted to a house. Reading some of the posts has brought back a lot of things that my grandparents and my father told me about the area over the years. I remember as a child seeing my grandmother reading one of the crookes 'history' books and chuntering away to herself in a corner.......i don't think she agreed with one or two pages!!! There's been a lot of talk on here of the Kandy Kabin - i spent many happy hours in there as a child in the early 80's stuffing my face with sweets given to me by beryl & derek!! Good Times.
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