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  1. hi jon im not st dinnington anymore im located at worksop train station where i have a full time school teaching classes 7 days a week.
  2. Hi Jon1234 i now run a full time kung Fu school at worksop we are located on worksop train station so you could get the train from sheffield.
  3. SHANTUNG MANTIS KUNG FU ASSOCIATION A FULL TIME KUNG FU SCHOOL 7 star praying mantis Tai Chi praying mantis Sanshou Lion Dancing Kids classes http://www.stmkfa.co.uk 07973311745
  4. APPLIED MANTIS the chinese arts are more than just blindly training classical forms. Applied mantis is desighned to teach you exactly how to apply and train classical mantis kung fu with an outlook for today. teaching you how to apply body mwchanics that will increase your speed and striking power. along with the true mantis fighting tactics and stratagies, something often not understood or taught outside Hong kong. Date: 25th July Location: Shan Tung Mantis Kung Fu Association, Worksop Train Station. for more info please email me at info@stmkfa.co.uk http://www.stmkfa.co.uk
  5. xing yi if you like the chinese arts. http://www.stmkfa.co.uk
  6. sifu shaun rawcliff has a student in Rotherham. i teach Northern Mantis Kung Fu http://www.stmkfa.co.uk
  7. Traditional Northern Praying Mantis Kung Fu - Lion & Dragon Dancing new classes, new website http://www.stmkfa.co.uk
  8. Yichuanman lau gar push hands can be a little like a combination of different types of push hands but allot of the lau gar people tend to do it more like wing chun. iv sent you an email
  9. hi Lincoln Hawk they do like to do lots of different styles of kung fu and they do have some good wushu and san shou (Chinese kickboxing) students. But I feel you are correct in what you posted.
  10. Sisisi a little hard to explain via my blackberry on sheffield forum but feel free to email me. Stma.dave@yahoo.co.uk
  11. sisisi Allot of clubs only focus in the forms and chi sau (sticking hands a wing chun exercise) and think that’s all they need to do to be able to defend themselves. That would be a little like a boxer doing shadow boxing
  12. or is that because the WC lad hadnt been in that situation before? i know some WC people that are good in a one on one with a mma
  13. NEW TRADITIONAL NORTHERN MANTIS KUNG FU CLASSES IN WORKSOPhttp://www.sheffieldforum.co.uk/showthread.php?t=507036&highlight=kung
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