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  1. There's been a constant alarm sounding since at least 5.30am-7.30am (time of writing) anyone know what it is? It's a long distance from where I live S60, (can tell because the slight breeze is altering the sound) It's obviously therefore very loud I, wondered if it's not just a house but a bigger building. I feel sorry for anyone who lives near it.
  2. I take the point (Planner1) but I was just casually wondering what other people's priorities would be for improvements - given that these ideas must originate somewhere, presumably in theory in public demand. I havent taken the opportunity to comment yet to SYPTE but I intend to, and hope to think about responses here as I do make my mind up. I patricularly agree with "Old bloke" above: "What a loaded question! It would take a spectacular balls-up for the new bus system not to benefit these areas." In that spirit I was asking what would others priorities be...
  3. Good comments, thanks. So, instead of "do you think Rotherham, Meadowhall and Sheffield would benefit from the introduction of Bus Rapid Transit North?" what should they be asking? Perhaps something like "What would be the best use of any extra money in public transport?" Answers on a Post Quick Reply....
  4. Has anyone seen the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme plans? They're on the internet and will mean major changes, even a new road, I don't see comments in the press.
  5. Just looked up Yorcard on yorcard.com .. "a new smartcard-based payment system for public transport, currently under development for South and West Yorkshire". Yep, sounds like it may be the Oystercard, under trial with teenagers, complete with trendy spelling mistake to develop literacy. Hmmm. What I don't like about Oystercard is that cash payment then gets more expensive and Oystercard users get their every movement on public transport tracked. OK if you're doing nothing wrong ... why should you be bothered about CCTV? ... and ID cards? ... it's all for your own good ...
  6. Has anyone seen/commented on the proposed Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) scheme between Sheffield and Rotherham? It's the "Question for July 2009" on SYPTE's website travelsouthyorkshire (DOT) com/travel_information/Tell+us+what+you+think There's a promotional video. I'm not sure if it will help. 15 minutes by train Sheff to Rotherham. Of course this bus will stop on the way, helping out certain industrial and shopping areas. I'm also a bit worried about the quick mention of "more ways to pay for tickets in advance" what's that? Oyster cards?
  7. "We Want Our Buses Back" is holding a public meeting with a City Council speaker and others. Wed. 25th March 7pm Quaker Meeting House (near the Cathedral) Public transport is clearly a key issue if you use buses, everyone is angry about them: prices have doubled in about 4 years. First bus drivers look set to strike as well. Hear how the Council will handle the proposed re-regulation - and keep the pressure on - it's not a return to full public ownership or subsidy but it's a positive step. Please come to the meeting if you can, to hear the latest. ** Will you please pass the message on to anyone interested? Ta. ** See you there?
  8. Is there is an active group campaigning on the buses issue in Sheff please? It's obviously a sore point! Used to be one called We Want Our Sheffield Buses Back or something ... has that gone ? Anyone know?
  9. Does anyone know if there is still a protest group about buses?
  10. THANKS, Babybel & Pritt Stick - another couple of leads to follow up, grrreat just what I needed. Much appreciated.
  11. OK well thanks for all the comments, it was helpful to be able to ask, because I live a long way from a library and sometimes it's better to ask real co-operative human beings than Google. Thanks HarmOKnee I've had a look thru that wiki page and more, and found I think it was Nancy C M. Hartsock I needed. So all the best, thanks, topic closed unless anyone wants to continue.
  12. OK thanks for the thoughts so far, I won't try to answer them all, obviously some are opinions which is fine, but don't necessarily require an answer. I think there's a general opinion that men and women in general (with exceptions) behave in a some different ways by gender, which may be due to the way they're brought up differently in general (with exceptions)... It's that specific point I'm interested in - about boys at the time they realise they're different to their mum (in one certain obvious respect!) HarmOKnee thanks for the suggestion about the Freudian idea, the Oedipus Complex I'll follow that up now, although I think there are particular feminist writers I should be quoting, who took up his ideas (& probably trashed them!!) so any further suggestions would be very much appreciated Thanks
  13. I'm trying to write an essay for university and I want to include a particular idea by a feminist writer - but I can't remember where I read it ... can anyone help please? The idea is that boys, at a certain young age, cease to identify with their mother when they realise they are biologically like their father. From this point onwards, masculinity becomes problematic - the original separation from being all one together (family) to being in opposition, competitive... male violence towards women, etc... (something like that) It seemed such a brilliant insight when I read it I'd like to look into it. Thanks if u can help
  14. Did anyone download the Radio 4 Reith lectures please? They were about China and I wanted to send a Sheffield friend who's going to China, but thanks to the BBC's limited and clunky service I only managed to get the 3rd one (of 4) ... if anyone could let me have copies of the others I'd be very grateful, thanks a lot. Jonathan
  15. Thanks for alerting me to the Google thing... searching for "Alt-Sheff" comes up with it as the first result (of 2), but produces not the home page but the feedback page - is that what you mean? (Happyhippy) Thanks
  16. We've started an "alternative" website for Sheffield, alt-sheff.co.uk. If anyone's interested we would really welcome input, ideas, videos ... please discuss! Thanks a lot.
  17. I'm not sure either but the 20 would go down to where it crosses Barnsley Road (between the Northern General and Pitsmoor) there you could swap onto a 48 (or 47 , bit slower) Or.. the 17, or 17a from Elm Lane, if you live near there, goes a shorter route, worth looking into... Have you tried phoning Traveline? They can work out the options on their computer. I think you can still call them on 01709 515151 which is cheaper than the 10p per minute number they advertise...it's a Rotherham number so should cost about 1p a minute off peak.
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