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  1. I quite agree I should not have paid until happy, however it was very late in the evening when he finished. Again, for that I accept some responsibility, but I did give him at least THREE chances to come to put it rightafter he returned from his holiday before I chose to raise this publicly which isnt something I would do lightly. After all, we all need to make a living. I just wanted to pre warn others so it doesnt happen to someone else.
  2. Avoid KRPS (KSR PROPERTY SERVICES)!!! Kyle had previously done a small plastering job well for me, so i asked for a quote for a bathroom fitting. He was booked in and gave an arrival time ( turned up hour late) said it would take four days. Began the job, kept vanishing for hour or two at a time, i asked on the friday if it was going to time, as to be fair, the tiles uncovered a further two layers of tiles, so there was a little bit more work involved, but he told me it would be completed by the saturday. Saturday came and it was clear it was nothing like done, so he asked to come back sunday, i was working so arranged for someone to be in at three as agreed. He texted me at 15:30 saying he couldn't come so would come monday. I arranged a FURTHER afternoon off work, and he said he'd be there at 13:00. He turned up at 15:30. Was still here at 22:20 when he said he was finished ( he was flying to ibiza the following morning and trying to cram in as many jobs as possible beforehand) i stupidly paid him after a quick glance at bathroom. On inspection i found it to be a mess! There are huge gaps around that bath left unsealed, the extractor fan fuse is hanging off the wall, the taps are loose, he's put the cheapest waste in the basin that he could find, that doesn't fit or match anything, the bath panel wasn't even fitted and just fell off, the pedestal under the basin isn't straight , and he left the boxing in behind the sink/toilet bare plasterboard rather than tiling is as agreed. Said id ran out of tiles when there are boxes left! I contacted him several times and got no response. Then he did call me And arranged to come back on a friday, but didn't come. Then said he'd come on the saturday, again didn't come. Then after a final try, he said he'd come last Thursday - never came. I believe in giving chances but Kyle I'm afraid too the biscuit. I paid him £1100.00 to do a job that he left in such a state that i now need to borrow money to get sorted. Do not use this man!!
  3. Thanks all. Dog reunited with owner
  4. Black lab aged around four, no tag, dark collar. Found around 7pm cant keep him overnight. Desperately need to find owner
  5. Flaming Dragon, Centertainment is good. http://www.flaming-dragon.co.uk/
  6. I find coverage quite good on 3, however the customer service leaves a lot to be desired.
  7. I want to have my loft boarded, or maybe just part of it depending on cost (i think its aprox 40sq M in total) for storage. I have already bought a few packs of loft boards from b&q thinking I could do it myself, but have decided against it I'd also like a new loft hatch and ladder, as I dont have an attached ladder at present which makes for a nightmare when I want to go up there. Could anyone give me any recommendations, and perhaps arough idea of cost? I appreciate that I cant get an accurate quote without it being looked at, I'm just after a rough idea. Thanks
  8. I'm not sure of the breed to be honest, it kind of like a greyhound build, but bigger, and brown. His owner is a guy probably in his 30s. I too am feeling a bit annoyed that it looks as if a person has to be physically wounded by a dog, before something can be done. I know that all dogs have different temperaments, and that some are more aggressive than others, but a responsible owner (which I'm sure most of us are) should take this into account, and behave accordingly. I don't think its too much to ask.
  9. Hate to jump on the bandwagon - but any vouchers still available?? :-)
  10. An update on the situation. I have spoken to other dog owners around, and I've heard one "rumour" that this has happened before, but I can't use this as evidence obviously since it's just hearsay. I did however report the incident to the dog warden, simply because I don't want this to happen again. I told them what happened, and also explained that I simply want the owner to be told he must keep his dog under control (use a lead and or muzzle etc) I was told - by the animal control unit - that they can't tell someone to keep a dog on a lead!! I was gobsmaked to be honest. They seemed more interested in telling me to sue him for the vet bill. I have looked into this further, and found an interesting leaflet on a government website which states - "If your dog injures another person’s animal, or an owner of an animal reasonably believes that they could be injured if they intervened to protect their animal from your dog, then an offence may be committed" Even so, I would imagine from the response I've got from the dog wardens, that it would be pretty difficult to pursue, unless a person is injured. On a happier note, my dog seems to be on the mend, we take him back to see the vet tomorrow, who will decide if he needs surgical intervention. (Fingers crossed that he doesn't) It was at Handsworth where the incident took place by the way. Thanks again for all the responses.
  11. Please don't let this put you off taking your puppy out. We have had months of wonderful and enjoyable walks with our lab, and we'll be having many more. I adore taking my dog out for walks, its a wonderful experience, and this I hope! Is just an unfortunate experience.
  12. Thank you for all your responses. I've emailed the RSPCA, so hopefully they will point me in the right direction. My priority is of course to get my lab well soon, and hopefully ensure that this doesn't happen again, or to anyone else.
  13. Thank you for your response and your well wishes, and I hope he'll be well again soon too. I can understand, reading this, as to why people would not like to muzzle their dogs, but safety has to come first in my view. As you also say, a lead is essential at the very least. My dog didn't actually run up to him, he was pounced upon, but again, I do see your point of view with regards dogs who are not on a lead. As dog owners we all need to be responsible in all situations. Which is all I'm asking of this particular owner, but he seems to need a little encouragement.
  14. My 9 month old lab was attacked my a larger dog (I don't know the breed) yesterday, long story short, he's now got an awful infection, a temperature of 104, and a nasty bite wound. As well as now being being very nervous. He's now got a long treatment regime to look forward too. The owner told me at the time (after my hysterical screaming at him to control his dog) that "he won't hurt him love". The owner knows that the dog is nasty as I've seen how he reacts when he see's others dog walking. Anyway, my question is - who do I report him to? As angry as I am, I'm not out to see his dog destroyed etc, I simply want him to be made to keep the dog on a lead, and be muzzled when out in public, for the safety of other dogs and or people/kids. Thank you.
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