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  1. sheffield united fc lost all power and the computers went down
  2. I have a whole life assurance policy with royal liver and wondered if you could cash in early and then take some more insurance out for death
  3. been up today and there looks like there is some work been done as it is empty
  4. My male dwarf lop is just over a yr old and he is very friendly but today he has started trying to mount our legs so i think he must want to mate , how much does it cost to have him neutered i love him to bits but can't continue up our legs
  5. Sale Amount FREE Reason for Rehome / Sale NOT GETTING ON WITH OTHER CATS Time Scale – How Urgent? A FEW WEEKS Has the Cat ever been in Rescue YES APPROX 4 YRS SINCE Location NETHERTHORPE Age & Sex FEMALE APPROX 8-10 YRS OLD Vaccinated & Wormed - WORMED VACCINATION NO Neutered & Micro chipped - NEUTERED Breed/ Mix - GREY TABBY Colour/markings GREY/BLACK Long/Shorthaired- SHORT Live in / Or in and out IN Used to a cat flap NO Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - OTHER CATS Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues - EATS A LOT Temperament- GOOD WILL SIT ON KNEE OK with Dogs / Cats CATS ! Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching YES Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching SOMETIMES Good or Bad with Children GOOD Dislike of Men or Women NO Housetrained YES Any further General Information you can share. f emale grey tabby cat approx 8-10 yrs old and neutered i have three other cats and she does'nt get on with them and would prefer her to go to a new home preferably with older people she is good company for an older person also litter trained and mostly a house cat she likes to sleep a lot and enjoys her food
  6. I have a tortoishell female around 10 yrs old and she is always hungry i have tried feeding her seperate to my other three cats but she just meows every time near her feeding dish she just does'nt seem to fill up i have tried worming tablets but she still continues she als seems to have lost some weight but as much as i love her I cannot afford vet bills at the moment and don't claim any benefits
  7. does anyone know where the central citizens advice bureau is and what times are
  8. how much does it cost and how long does it last
  9. Does anyone know where the offers are on it was asda last week 2 x 15 can packs for £15 but it has gone off now
  10. male staffie beige in colour ,very friendly call to cath at 82 EDWARD STREET FLATS
  11. Having read the forum about the family claiming benefits because of being to fat to work i noticed the man was claiming for diabetes i didn't no you could my husband has diabetes and controlled by tablets and as never been told you can claim as an illness
  12. is Taylor your mum and dad's name and what no did u live at
  13. My husband was brought up on furnace hill flats with his mum and dad and now he is 50 yrs what is your surname as he may remember you
  14. i used to be with baines+ernst but they charge each month an admin fee
  15. yes it is with PAYPLAN and i am trying an iva through them
  16. I am currently on a dmp but will take forever to pay the debt so thought of bankruptcy but don't want my name in local press
  17. Has anyone been through with an IVA just wondered what your thoughts were
  18. do u have to pay anything each month while in the process of bankruptcy
  19. has anyone entered in to iva we have debts around 30.000 and are in a debt management plan paying 160.00 a month just wondered if any one agrees to these iva's
  20. Anyone have information on bankruptcy, does it affect your home being in council rented property also would it stop you saving for to go on holidays also do they take the car it isn'nt on finance and i need it for work , currently i am with a debt management(PAYPLAN) AND THEY HAVE BEEN LOVELY but now struggling each month for the £150 as with rent and council tax and energy bills
  21. she as been spayed and all my cats are females and she is an indoor cat never goes out how often should you worm them
  22. My cat is always hungry at one time she did'nt eat much now everytime i go to kitchen she is always meowing for food there is fresh water and tbus not like my taavailable i have 3 other cats and they get hungry but not like my tabby what can i do
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