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  1. be careful if you have joint debts as u will both be paying them all
  2. our video plays videos ok but there is no sound what will the problem be!
  3. please has anyone gone with this procedure and what happens with joint debts
  4. in sheffield can anyone recommend a place apart from bright house that does washers on weekly or monthly as we can't afford to buy one out
  5. where can i get some extra aerial wire to make an extension in our bedroom for the aerial we already have its so we can move the tv to the other side
  6. thanks for all sniding comments does'nt anyone have any common sense
  7. When we put the washer on it knock the electric off , does anyone know why i have had the council out and they said it's the washer
  8. Just drove up from hathersage to ringing low and what a swarm of insects flying about never seen as many anyone else had this situation
  9. 26-30th october mon-fri anywhere considered
  10. does anybody know where we can buy my son some shoes sizes 13 14 we have tried wyndsors but not many
  11. my son has just turned 16 and we would like to know if he would be entitled to jsa and how much would he get he is looking for a job at the moment as he is not going into further education
  12. yes it is for our toyota avensis, The rear wiper does not work i took to a garage and they said it needs a new wiper motor they told me i would be better getting a 2nd hand one as it would be cheaper but does anyone know how much it would be ata garage that gets it and fits it
  13. Get your facts right b4 calling somewhere you don't know , I have lived on here 40 yrs this yr yes we have somali's and a few other nations but they are no different from anyone else actually it is a good community we used to have prostitutes in the area but now since of road closures they have moved on the only thing in the area now is a lot of students it is also close to town and supermarkets so i say to anyone listening to bad stories ignore them and go 4 it.
  14. we are looking for a wiper motor for rear on avensis x reg someone told me 2 hand but what if it isn'nt that
  15. Has anyone stayed here we are going in a weeks time for 2 weeks just wondered if there was a fridge in the hotel rooms and what else was in
  16. just come past nr tram terminus and there is quite a lot of police presence
  17. why do people have to be so sarcastic i only asked a civilised question about my car
  18. Our back wiper keeps stopping and the motor sounds as if it has got stuck on our x reg avensis
  19. I havea male 2 yr old lop and i have noticed he has like a few little sores on his back where he is losing fur could it be rabbit fleas if so can i use shop flea spray for rabbits
  20. Let me tell you I am not being cruel in the least i love cats and have three of my own , my mums cat of which i need advice about is approx 10 yrs old and spits and growls at anyone who enters the house sometimes she is friendly and other times she will go for you, as my parents are elderly they can no longer care for her and i to cannot has she would'nt get on with my three , she is litter trained and neutered i have rang thornberry and cats shelter and they are full to the brim , we are on waiting list for rspca , we are taking her to pdsa hopefully to get her checked out so to all of you pulling me down for wanting to know about putting a cat to sleep get your facts right before accusing people of cruelty
  21. would it cost me to have my cat put to sleep as she is quite old and vicious
  22. in ibiza please and best place to buy
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