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  1. There is a police car on our estate it has never moved in 24hrs no sight of any police officers i reported it to 101 last night anyone know what can be done
  2. try pc shop top of st geoeges close nr broad lane i got a acer one for 40-00
  3. does anyone know where these are located similar to the one in the star tonite
  4. he was fine this morning he is only 4 mths old he seems to be limping on his left back leg which seems to be having an impact on his balance he meows when u catch is leg, but he is drinking and eating and using litter tray , i have got 4 weeks free insurance with him can i take him to any vets
  5. I need lexmark cartridges 2+3 but they are so expensive can i get cheaper cartridges anywhere
  6. don't judge a book by it's cover try talking to people who live in this area we are not pitsmoor and never will be
  7. how long is the parking allowed in the carpark behind farmfoods we have been told only 10 mins i thought it might have been 1 hr
  8. what happens with joint debts when you are a couple both proceeding debt releif orders and you also have joint debts do you split the amounts down the middle or what and what value of car can you have
  9. in netherthorpe area due to ours leaving to have a baby
  10. When u go bankrupt and you have a vehicle worth over £1000 they ask you to sell it and buy a cheaper one is this still correct ,
  11. I am wanting to sell my car does anyone know who buys cars it's a Toyota avensis gls x reg 2.0 engine only 61,000 miles no service history wanting aroun £1800
  12. I took the orginal one in with me and they set it to the right voltage for me
  13. I bought a power adapter for my laptop this week i still have the box etc but no receipt and we smelt burning tonite and thepoer cable end bit that goes in the laptop has burnt will i get my money back
  14. where can i take my laptop to have it checked as the power adaptor socket may need renewing as it nearly burnt tday also need a new power adapter
  15. i bought the carger from maplins the end of the adapter has burnt and it looks like inside the socket on the laptop is burnt a lttle as well can it be repaired
  16. I have just bought a new power adapter for my laptop and have been using all week and it was fine, then tonite we smelt something burning and it was the laptop in the hole where the adapter goes so we turned off and unplugged it, can it be repaired it does work but it's the charger we don't have the original one
  17. anyone use the sports section what channels do bt vision have for sport has that is all we use sky for at £38
  18. we need a charger as our current one does'nt work and it is for aspire laptop output 19>=3.43A
  19. it's only a horrible place now b'cos there are to many students in the area we are now surrounded with them
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