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  1. Thank you for that as we are new to turkey as already been to Benidorm and loved it and been to playa d'en bossa (ibiza) and hated it , is there any tours we can go on there apart from boat trips as in ibiza there was none as they were so expensive
  2. has anyone been to this hotel b4 i have booked all inclusive for september and have looked at reviews but they are not very nice i have booked through cooperative travel but it is our first time to turkey
  3. not had any drinks spilt on it how much we talking for a new keyboard and drive
  4. muy laptop is just over a yr old and now needs repairing thr laptop keys are sticking and when i play a disc it it won't play and is scratching the disc i use it to play my football games on but now it needs repairing and i want to know how much it will cost
  5. What is roads like on fulwood road up past nether green school
  6. i thought u need a membership to get into parkway market
  7. does anyone know what year the moseley on west bar sheffield closed
  8. what's it like going up to fulwood and going up crookes for driving
  9. and do u have to order them also legs of pork etc
  10. where is the best place to ge a frozen turkey to feed 6 for two days
  11. Try Baines watch repairs on campo lane behind sheffield star offices been there years
  12. Thanks for all the advice but because we got him from Thornberry animal sanctuary they have advised for me to return him to them this weekend and they will rehome him of which i think is for the best for the sake of my two cats and himself
  13. I know he would be better off as an only cat
  14. my adult cat is frightened of him and is not as freindly as she was she cowers in a corner and also i think i may have to return him to the sanctuary
  15. I have a 4 month old ginger tom and also 2 adult female cats who have been both neutered the problem is he the kitten won't leave one of my female cats alone he bites her and she is getting frightened of her is it because he is a tom or will he be better when he is 6 months old and been castrated , he's a lovely kitten we adopted him from Thornberry but at the moment he may have to return
  16. Try Langsett advice based at nubase on fawcett street netherthorpe sheffield 6 monday mornings at 10a.m but get there at 9.30 as there is always a que of somali's but they are very good for advice
  17. Try Thornberry animal sanctuary it costs £70 to adopt but includes 2 injections and neutering
  18. does anyone understand the tax code my tax code is 647L i am a married woman and up to now my earnings are £6100 and it will go over the tax code b4 the end of the tax code so what does happen i do pay tax as i earn over £150 a week
  19. it is causing an obstruction for other emergency vehicles it has been reported 2 or 3 times
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