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  1. Does anyone know what this store is going to be went past yesterday and there is work been done inside
  2. where is the best hand car wash in sheffield we used to use the one at the bottom of corporation street but last time we had a valet it wasn't as good.
  3. we live on flats four stories high but live on bottom floor which is raised up and have to hang out of window
  4. it's the one next to tasteez used to be computer shop at the top of st georges close , today saw 2 chinese coming out thoughts could be a takeaway
  5. is mappin street open as creator hairsalon is at the end
  6. Thanks for that but she is no longer looking for a home but she is still grumpy and a hungry cat
  7. this is false nails isn't it my daughter is 15 on saturday and she wants false nails but we don't know where to take her and what the costs are
  8. where about in sheffield can u get false nails nd hw much is it
  9. we don't handle her cos she likes her own company she's only nice when she wants feeding but at the moment we don't even know what cat food she wants she won't eat any of the well know brands or shops own brands she eats a bit and then goes off it no to the vets
  10. how much does it cost in sheffield 2 have a french manicure and where abouts could u let me know ???
  11. Has anyone been to this hotel in marmaris as first time to turkey in september also first time travelling with co operative travel
  12. has there been a incident on ridgeway road tday as trams were only going railway station
  13. fulwood very bad buses only running to ranmoor going to work this morning slipped on black ice and banged my head and that was what i thought was a clear road
  14. i have bitten my nails for yrs and wondered where i can get a full set of nails professionally done in sheffield i don't want them to long
  15. anyone know if 120 is running to fulwood
  16. whats it like at nethergreen/ fulwood road are the roads clear also nr hallamshire hospital
  17. it took me two hrs to get from fulwood to brook hill this morning and also the gritter has been gritting
  18. can anyone tell me what fulwood road is like especially old fulwood road
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