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  1. hi does anyone know how much these cards are worth i have over 2000 brand new in plastic sleeves with price stickers still on cost £30.00 each at the time just wondered if worth selling or not?
  2. Its my daughters bday on 18th april and looking for some ideas please she has done numerous things b4 so quite difficult and needs to be quite grown up as inbetween now lol xxx any ideas would be appreciated
  3. yes i went past around 4-45 this evening and saw the blooded white sheet on the floor with what looked like a body
  5. i have looked at this and have not got a floppy disk drive and i have put a cd in drive and turned comp on but nothing happens goes to same admin password? how do you boot from disc?
  6. when it prompts me to enter admin password,,,,,, i enter something press enter and it was wrong so then a password hint comes up as son and under that it saays change password, i clicked on change password and it said to enter a flash drive and try again so i did and a box came up saying welcome to password reset wizard but to carry on it says to use this wizard you must have first created a password reset disc???? any ideas
  7. wow i have just clicked on change password and it said to use a flash drive i have pluged one in and its asking for me to insert password changer disc so it partly works but now have not got a disc???????????????
  8. sorry i have tried to do this already from my other comp but it wouldnt download properly kept saying system error so gave up trying
  9. hi i have just purchased a new laptop for my daughters birthday, she has set the laptop up with an administrators password which she has now forgot and now she cannot use it does anyone out there know any solution to this i would be very grateful xx
  10. Could Anyone Give As Much Info As Poss How I Go About Leasing A Pub As I Am Very Interested Thanks Xxx
  11. iam wanting to open a fishmongers locally and just wonderd how sought after one is? i recently went to the market and for the amount of fish i bought for people and how little it cost me, i usually buy from morrisons but it cost me around £8 more from there, i just think its a more healthy option that is slipping down the pan (unless fried from a chip shop) and there needs to be more fishmongers around, even butchers these days are getting less an less.....any comments/advice greatly received.
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