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  1. Hi, Has anyone worked in the Home Office based around the Wicker area? I'm due to start job hunting soon and I'm looking at that as one of my places to potentially apply but interested to know more practical day-to-day responsibilities (the work sounds fairly repetitive which I wouldn't say no to, or does it more thinking and problem solving?)I would be doing and what type of shifts are available to balance around childcare. Any information would be most helpful. Thanks!
  2. Hi, I'm looking for a driving instructor in Doncaster for refresher lessons and someone who is a tad unconfident/anxious and I work there so it's convenient to fit them in there. Thanks
  3. Hi, I've had a Vaillant boiler for a few years which after its warranty expired, I got it covered with Homeserve that gave me an annual service (that I've never got incidentally) but to my chagrin, I've realised my boiler is covered with Home Emergency with Halifax. However, reading the fine print it suggests regular maintenance and I was wondering if anyone can signpost to a company that might be able to do this? My boiler has had no issues but just want piece of mind if it does that my home insurance won't refuse to look at it without maintenance information. I don't think Homeserve offer an boiler service agreement on its own sadly.
  4. Yeah, just indecisive about Mini 2 or Nexus. Oooh and arring about either one!
  5. Deciding between an Ipad Mini 2 or a Nexus 9 Set it up nice and (too) easily it seems...
  6. Now, has been a while since I frequented city centre regularly but in Sheff at some point this week so on my tablet search, was keen to see what shops in city centre might sell tablets so I can compare prices.. Best places to check out? Thanks
  7. Right, I've narrowed it down to Nexus 9 and Ipad Mini 2. Both tablets would mean I'd spend bit more (around £200 on Amazon) but might aswell spend bit extra for that bit of quality! Leaning more towards Mini 2 because few people have had Ipads and not encountered problems but as an Android user, tempted by the Nexus 9.. Any tips?
  8. ^Thank you. The branches aren't as thick as logs (might put up a picture tomorrow).
  9. Hi! Due to the strong winds this week, our back-garden tree partially came down and we've begun the process of dismantling it. There is alot of waste from that dismantling. It's just lying around atm and would be great if there is an organisation that might be able to pick up these branches etc and dispose of it? I've tried to break some of the smaller branches down and put into our green bin alongside any leaves etc but there are more bigger branches that won't disappear! I don't know what would be done from an environmental side of things, recycling plants for these types of waste? Not an expert, as you can see! Advice appreciated.
  10. lol, just normal food. Curries, chapattis on the main hob but nothing out of the ordinary. Other hobs are fine.
  11. We've recently installed this Lamona Burner gas hob recently and its general use is working fine. The main hob, however, we've noticed that there some minor burn marks surrounding it that despite exhausting cleaning, doesn't disappear. We're not intending to use Brillo or anything that might damage the surface. But is there anything that might help erase these burns that have appeared? It's only that one, others are fine. We've tried going down the warranty route and they've said clean it. One of the engineers mentioned a spray/cleaning liquid of some sort that I can't remember the name of that might be handy. Any tips or advice hugely appreciated.
  12. Yes, thank you for your "helpful" response. But my main question was where it was based, which as you might see, you didn't answer. I do know no where it is, in Manvers. Would I employ you? mmm....
  13. Does anyone know where the RBS Call centre is based in Rotherham? Heard they've got collections positions available but no information provided on where abouts they based specifically. Thank you.
  14. Anyone know if Knowhow are recruiting? If so, is it through an agency or direct? Anyone worked there, what's it like in terms of the job (believe its customer service providing technical help?) and environment?
  15. What are the employment opportunities like in Sheffield at the moment for call centre jobs? I applied at Sky few years ago when they opened up near the train station but don't believe they are recruiting at the moment. How about Capita, is that still around? What is the employment opportunities for call centre like at the moment? Thanks. EDIT: Anyone heard of call handling jobs on behalf of a law firm in Sheffield? I came across via reed website.
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