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  1. Thank you for the info, Hope you keeping well Dave
  2. Hello ,, Has anyone done this walk ,, anyone know if a guide book published on it, or any guided walks concerning it,, Thanks
  3. Hi,, Anyone heard when local pub gigs are going to be allowed ,, nothing seems to be mentioned really
  4. Hello ,, I once saw a book I think called a walk along the tracks by Colin Richard's ,, linking many local walks to the suoertram system ,, anyone know if still available please Thank you
  5. Hello Anyone any idea when the central library is re opening please
  6. What happened to the old Sheffield Punks any still knocking about
  7. Anyone remember the old ironmongers on queens road Machins
  8. Any further updates on this walk,,sounds interesting
  9. Can anyone recommend which local travel companies to use for visiting Euro disney , and which is best time to visit. Thanks
  10. Hello,, Anyone on here planning to walk the yorkshire 3 peaks in horton in ribblesdale this year and walks like the lyke wake edale to marsden etc
  11. Hello everyone Totally forgot about this site what with one thing and another,, However,on sat 18th july i am taking part in a 26mile sponsored hike for macmillan This starts in hadfield near manchester and finishes in chapeltown..i am trying to raise as much money as i can,, i have set up a justgiving page in the event of snyone wishing to kindly sponsor me please,, any amount greatly appreciated,, if anyone would lime to pm me i can send the details Many thanks Dave
  12. Hello is anyone on here taking part in the mentioned Macmillan charity event:) on Saturday 18th July I have set up a justgiving page in case anyone would he kind enough to sponsor me please http://www.justgiving.com/David-Andrews19 Thank you
  13. Hello everyone , on sat june 14th . I am taking part in the 25mile Yorkshire 3 peaks challenge walk for macmillan, hoping to do it in under 10 hours , I have set up a just giving page if anyone would be so kind as to sponsor myself please the address being, http://www.justgiving.com/david-andrews13 thank you
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