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  1. this what i do but not from auction, if you can find the property at the right price but this is getting harder, there may be some coronavirus forced sales soon though. dont believe what you see on homes under the hammer.
  2. whos having a hissy fit??? a known right winger??? nothing like face value eh? and i thought trump was wearing one now?? see its political pressure and a comfort blanket other wise it would have been compulsory from day one.
  3. a friend of ours owns the Peacock in the square we went saturday and it was very busy and all the precautions were being adhered to, great outdoor seating for food which is top knotch, fresh cooked and reasonably priced.
  4. dont worry everyone the virus is going to hide itself away until the 24th or 25th, so between now and then????? its ok? if it was so imperative they should have said from today??
  5. So we are going to be dictated to about face coverings then??? simply a comfort blanket for the anxious pretty much especially as it wont be compulsory in other places like pubs, restaurants, gyms etc. what is the point in shops when most places have the plastic barriers anyway. in any case the virus is not as widespread now and 98.5% of people recover without problem, so what is the point? it seems also to be a political decision to appease.
  6. Time Left: 4 days and 6 hours

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    well looked after and very clean condition. this was bought for my 80 yr old mother to run about in but she was afraid of the power and size of it. this would suit a family as it is large and spacious, everything works as it should and it is in very clean condition with very low mileage for the year. any inspection welcome AA or Rac . Next MOT due 10/09/2020, Full service history, Blue, 5+ owners, £2,250 Vehicle registered: 12/04/2006 This car comes with Air-Conditioning Cruise Control Alloy Wheels (16in) Computer (Driver Information System) Electric Windows (Front/Rear) In Car Entertainment (Radio/CD) Rain Sensing Wipers Volume Sensing Alarm (Thatcham Cat 1)


  7. can this be moved to Sheffield news instead please.
  8. So Sheffield Forum is for sale? what do others think? is it something someone would buy now? wonder what sort of price is expected.
  9. ha ha youre one of those that thinks the virus is around every corner, do you wear a mask to bed lol
  10. i dont want to feel that i am in some sort of medical experiment, masks, visors screens etc if i am spending good money, the first place as i said was rammed with youngsters drinking inside and out shoulder to shoulder, not what we expected, the second was way over the top with restrictions on distance, service, toilets, sineage etc again i am not spending in that restricted environment, the third had some restrictions but not enough to spoil the evening. this virus may be with us for a long time but i cant see any hospitality business surviving if the severe restrictions are enforced for long. i think gov will see if any spikes in next few weeks and if not the restrictions in place now will be lifted and pubs and restaurants go back to normal almost.
  11. we went to one pub and turned round as the car park was heaving as well as the bar no social distancing going on, next place very quiet with loads of restrictions in place very off putting, had a couple of drinks and went and wont return if it continues like that, third venue was where we had a table booked little restrictions almost like normal and had a good night, nice food nice company, no idiots.
  12. the social distancing will change over the coming weeks and months i think due to economic pressures a lot of businesses will not be viable, they are all being good at the moment and trying to adhere to the rules but it wont last. as for shutting people down maybe the odd few but long term our economy needs the revenue and the virus is for the majority a very nasty bout of flu and for a minority it is very serious as we know. its not a legal requirement to take contact details so most places wont do it.
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