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  1. no they wont ! why do you think we have had world peace for 75 years its because of the threat ? not the use of it. no in reality, no world war just outcrops of radicals creating their own little wars. there will never be world peace or peace all over the world as long as radical religious nutters exist or despot dictators rule certain countries, what should we do ? take out dictators ?? i would then you might get somewhere but it will never happen.
  2. that maybe but dont you think in these difficult times if the council car spaces were cheaper or free at times more people would come to the centre and spend???
  3. yes it is the same everywhere but that is why the high st is dying and the centres of all cities will soon be charity shops and coffee bars if you are lucky. we all know there has to be some sort of charge but it needs to be nominal outside peak times.
  4. no they didnt it was that perception due to low population numbers and now we see where there is high density predominately ethnic populations are where the rises are?
  5. oh give over ! this is an unprecedented situation which to be fair without hindsight nobody could have got better, we have a small rise new infections and a that we know due to more testing, just admit it its PM you hate not his methods, hes stuck in the middle no matter what he does he wont please everyone? the poor guy has had it worse than most even contracting it himself and still leading the country. top man Boris.
  6. you have clearly never had a business in the city centre?? i have and sold it just in time thank goodness SCC does nothing to help small business and parking charges are just a cash cow for them as they know some are forced to use them.
  7. simple fact is sheffield council dont want cars full stop, never have never will , they are seemingly happy to see the centre fail, why anyone want to get on filthy trams and buses i dont know check out other cities buses and trams they are a mile in front, anyone who want to shop and buy anything of any substance shopping etc why would you want to struggle on a tram? no you want to take your car and park reasonably and cheaply, these raised charges and evening charges will kill it.
  8. they will go back to doing what they always did there is no good rehab.
  9. 99% of mould especially black mould is when people have the heating on full and dont have windows open to circulate the air, mould on outside walls is condensation and its the person who lives theirs fault nothing to do with faulty buildings.
  10. give him notice to quit sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen.
  11. more fool him then as no shop will get my money if i get turned away.
  12. thats what should have happend and maybe it would have had some credibility, now three weeks later none!
  13. so the day has arrived where apparently its mandatory! to wear a mask in a retail environment, is this really an actual law on the statute books?? been out this morning no mask on in the local shop! no mask in Tescos petrol station not a second glance from staff, took some hire tools back no mask a bit of ribbing but nothing more, as far as i can see not many are adhering to the new "LAW". i seems to be a bit of a control thing and the Government are trying to make it seem worse as they monumentally overstepped the mark with the nightingale hospitals and the social distancing. if it was so imperative to wear one it would have been immediate and i would have no problem with it. as it is now its merely a comfort blanket.
  14. its worth what ever the buyer wants to pay? if the buyer is happy its a bargain, this bit is less use to the seller as it is. what planet are you on £500 quid😄
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