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  1. Cars run on energy. You either generate that in the vehicle with an internal ccombustion engine or, in the case of an electric vehicle you generate it elsewhere (wind trubine, solar panel, Drax, etc) and send it through wires to your charging point. It isn't free, to charge up your EV at a motorway service station it currently (sic) costs about £6.50 for enough to get you down the road for another 100 miles, although costs can vary dramatically. When a politician airily promises that all garages will soon have a row of charging points he won't tell you how thick the cable from the substation needs to be..... And he isn't paying for all those installations, the EV motorist will shell out. As all the above posters confirm, there are more questions than answers at the moment. Oh, and no free road fund licence once that revenue evaporates.
  2. The history of the site is interesting. There are some well researched publications regarding RAF Norton, which was very busy in the 1920's as a bomber maintainance unit. The site was acquired - from the farmer(s) by the Air Ministry. The understanding was that it would revert to farmland when the RAF has no further use, but it wasn't that simple....! The council 'obtained' much of the Western end of the field and built schools of various sizes. And Dyche Lane was widened and extended, etc. Bear in mind that the County boundary moved as well... The rump of the airfield was used for warehousing, and part left empty but I am not sure if these were built by the freeholder of the leaseholder. The ultimate ownership has always been a bit clouded. But it must be a valuable site in this day and age, being right on the edge of he city. But as a small boy I always looked forward to "Battle Of Britain" day, when we had fly pasts over the site and suchlike. Happy days.
  3. In the summer break I guess we will all be advising the board regarding acquisitions and disposals so, to get my retaliation in early: 1. A strong, resourceful team manager with a decent track record of successes rather than of failures. 2. Pension off a couple of the very old boys. 3. Retain as many of the present squad as practical. 4. Don't sign ANY players who arrive carrying an injury. (This used to be a Bramall Lane speciality). 5. Don't be greedy with season ticket prices. I could go on................
  4. I have not used my old Canon printer/copier/scanner for some time, so the ink had dried out. Moreover, when I switched it on there was much grinding of plastic gears, therefore it has been binned. I started looking for a small multi function laser unit as a replacement. I don't need colour - monochrome printing is fine. I have bought a Kyocera FS-1220 MFP for £91.93 including a cable, delivered, and it prints well - and rapidly. BUT........... when I tried to scan, computer said no. So I went on t'net, and learned that it doesn't talk to Winders 10. If only the seller had put that on the website! There was an installation disc with the bundle, but my laptop doesn't have a CD slot. Bit of a bu**er. So I then spent another £16.00 buying a CD scanner (which I need anyway as I have scores of CD's with photos that need sorting). And once I had mastered the command keys on the laptop I was sorted, although the scanner resolution is fairly basic. Happy so far.
  5. How would “The West” react if, simultaneously Russia invaded Eastern Ukraine and China blockaded Taiwan? Would Sleepy Joe get up, or turn over....
  6. I have been a Blade ever since I was in short trousers, and we have been in all four divisions since then. But in the last few years we have seen more consistency on the pitch, and the ground (I used to sit in the wooden tinder box...) is vastly better. But to be realstic our natural current position is somewhere between the botton of the PL, and the top of the Championship. And that applies to the playing squad and the management, no disrespect intended. Since Covid none of us have been able to go and cheer, indeed my last visit was the 3-3 draw with Man U last November, and the home crowd do make a difference. As does losing all four of your best full backs. Back on topic, CW said yesterday that a couple of players need to move on, but CW himself is just the sort of motivational manager to make a difference. I do hope he stays whatever.
  7. They will save you money next Christmas....
  8. MM feels bitter because what she anticipated as her entitlements have not come to fruition. I will not wtach the programme out of respect for their privacy. Quite why they chose to give this interview to someone looking to profit from its syndication is a mystery.
  9. As a non Scot - viewing from a distance - there seems to be an air of decay in Holyrood. Economic, healthcare, and education issues are all subservient to independence. All and any problems will vanish should they be completely uncoupled from the rest of the UK. Any income shortfall will be gladly made up by largesse from Brussels. The problems are compunded by infighting within the SNP. The two major personalities (there don't seem to be any others....) are embroiled in a legal spat which finds the party divided, and whatever the outcome governance will still suffer. To an outsider Scotland has become a monoculture, but I sense that support for the SNP is starting to drift. South of the border we are expecting hard economic consequences when everything unwinds post Covid restrictions, and there will be criticism (as ever) of Westminster. North, thre will be criticisms of Holyrood especially in areas which have been devolved. If wee Nicola does go it will be seen as an immediate plus for the unionists. If she hangs on but presides over a gradual slide it will be seen as a long term plus. For some, it's like watching a fight between two boxers, neither of whom you like. The longer it goes on, and the more blows are landed, the greater the glee. Politics is a grubby business.
  10. Not good. All three first choice centre backs out injured. And West Brom just won. And we play the current champions. And we we are playing on our unlucky ground..... Fingers crossed.
  11. Some form of certificate/passport/proof of inoculation is inevitable. Given that some countries, or some airlines, or some face-to-face jobs will require one, you may as well have one in your "back pocket". If I had a job which involved crossing Africa, I would have to show proof of vaccination against various fevers and poxes before I was allowed through borders. No ifs, no buts, no ranting on social media or a talkshow, I wouldn't get in. And it's been like that for decades. So the question is - what form should the proof take, when should it be rolled out, what will it cost? If some individuals don't want to carry one they will have to accept their self-imposed restrictions. Without tantrums.
  12. I see they have had some grim weather in Texas recently. It has been so cold that the wind turbines have frozen up , and this has been accompanied by a blanket of snow that covered all the solar panels. But don't worry, they have discovered an alternative source of energy. Diesel generators. Good old diesel, always there when you need him............... 🙂🙂
  13. Hi Nikki-Red. I would never object to another's post, the original poster posed a question - I was trying to answer politely with an opposing view. The great strength of this Forum is that you show opinions from all directions, political, social, etc. They reflect the real mix we have in this City. Indeed you may have carried a post from the local secretary of the Flat Earth Society - although I missed it. I accept your admonishment in good spirit.
  14. It isnt. It is a family matter where the family is in its own country thousands of miles away. The family is one of the world's wealthiest, from what the busybodies of the media reveal to us, the lady is not on bread and water in a dungeon. Surely we have more important issues to worry about.
  15. Everyone seems to be hanging on for Boris's Big Broadcast on Monday. Will he outline a way forward, or will he fudge it and say that he will wait for the scientists?. Presumably the Brothers Grimm - that will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Come the unlocking there will no doubt be joy at being able to have that pint, that nice meal with a few friends, even delight at being able to shop for shoes and handbags...... And business owners will be anxious to restart their activities. But spare a thought for their employees. For those not on furlough for the last few months they have perhaps been servicing mail order clients, or preparing food for sale 'at the door'. All in a Covid safe environment. Next month they may all have to deal with an influx of several dozen customers a day, perhaps table service and pot washing as well. It may be a nervous transition.
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