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  1. Championship season starts on September 12th. Lets have a guess - Bonfire Night by the time they get to zero....?
  2. I would think that, technically, the Championship season officially ends with the play off final. The FA decision may be challenged, nevertheless everyone does need a decision. The footie authorities have not covered themselves in glory recently. The Newcastle saga has been shuffled from desk to desk for about twelve weeks, as it is quasi-political. The Wigan debacle saw the club change hands with no oversight as to fit and proper, etc. Dear old Bury are no longer with us owing - in part - to indifference. The only ones who benefit are the learned friends who can invoice all and sundry. I may reflect a view held by many in this City in that we need two strong, well run teams playing at the highest level. I do remember when we had them both in the top flight, which meant a big game in town every week, it has a very positive effect all round.
  3. I am the part-time bookkeeper for a busy cafe, which has been subject to all the recent Covid19 restrictions, etc. Prior to March, takeaway food was a minor part of the activity, and we managed to cope with the VAT calculations (cakes versus biscuits, etc....) for HMRC. From April we moved to 100% takeaway, and I am wrestling with the VAT consequences. We don't have one of those tills like a fairground organ with hundreds of buttons. Now we have cautiously reopened part of the indoor seating, changing all the proportions, and VAT has dropped from 20% to 5%, changing all the calculations. The HMRC websites are very comprehensive, and give a long list of VATable items, but this post is to ask - are others having a struggle with this?
  4. Google motorcycle balaclavas. The seem to come in all colours, including camouflage..... Is this for aesthetics, hygeine, or bank robbing?
  5. My wife needed to visit Boots on the High Street yesterday, for prescriptions and the optician. After noting all these posts, I drove to Norfolk Street to drop her off. Norfolk Street is now a dead end, with consequent U-turns, etc., but it now remains the only road adjacent to the city centre shops, other than the zig zag past John Lewis. As virus 'restrictions' are eased I can see this becoming a total log jam, as it is also the access for multi storey car parks. All as planned, some will say............
  6. If you google the ship, you will find that it has a two stroke engine! Mind you, it weighs 2,230 tonnes on its own. So not a BSA Bantam.....
  7. Last Friday I had my car MOT'd, and used the bus to get back and forth from the garage. Strict distancing on board, I reckon it would be "full" with one third of normal capacity. It was an odd journey. This morning, buses are going past noticeably fuller than of late, as retail is opening up today. What happens to the poor souls who want to get on, closer to town? And don't mention the school buses, they usually come past stuffed like sardines. Just as well they're all closed!
  8. The Framery on Sharrowvale Road usually has a good selection of posters and prints, etc., I bought a jolly "Tintin" poster for the utility room, for a bit of fun. I don't know if they have a website. There are other artwork shops adjacent. But I suppose "browsing" could be difficult in these odd times.
  9. Previous posters have covered this well. I was a small boy living on Meadowhead until 1952. As a member of Greenhill Wolf Cubs, we played tracking in the fields opposite the church hall. The sports ground and the territorials were there, but everything else became Grenhill Parkway and the Lowedges estate. In the 1920's Norton Aerodrome was a busy maintainance facility for the RAF. It ran more or less parallel to Norton Lane, sited on what is now the retail park, and the top section became the present driving centre. If you want more information there are books on the subject, and Greenhill Historical Society have regular talks, etc. Dyche Lane was a narrow country road with, as mentioned an "S" bend before what is now Newleaf. I don't know the history of Batemoor, but I guess the RAF "acquired" their land from the farmer after WW1, and it would have reverted to them sometime in the 1950's, and subsequently sold to the council. My great-grandfather built the row of semi detached houses at Lowedges on what is now the A61 dual carraigeway, sometime before WW1, and they would have been in the middle of nowhere. And, I think, in Derbyshire.....
  10. Full marks to City Cabs for introducing a meal delivery service, utilising their cars and drivers., under their 'CityGrab' app system. It seems to have caught on. Well done. How much do they charge the food retailer for the facility?
  11. Areas such as Meersbrook and Woodseats would suit you, both will offer 2 bed properties and access to parks, etc. However, £130,000 is being optimistic, but drive round the districts and look for sale boards. You might have to make a cheeky offer.
  12. Appaarently Walmart are selling out of Dettol and Toilet Duck. You couldn't make it up................
  13. Yes, son's business ("gastro cafe") applied end March, money arrived Tuesday. Well done SCC, it will make a lot of difference, he's paid the staff a 'sub' until the "80%" scheme kicks in, and some trade accounts, as they must be struggling as well. What a contrast to his bank, he applied on line for a small loan right at the start, and after three weeks has not had a reply, despite phoning and mailing. I think they will be looking after number one...............
  14. Went to Woodseats Library to return books and avoid a fine - closed until further notice. Will there be a moratorium? p.s. Excellent library, nice staff, good selection.
  15. For journeys South, it looks like Chesterfield Station will be busy for the next few years.
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