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  1. On a positive note..... Wife and I had our first left-arm-jabs on Wednesday. It was very well organised, it seemed the local GP's had banded together and sited the jabbing station at the practice with the best facilities (S8). Everyone was pleasant and professional, and we were done in 20 minutes including the compulsory sitdown. On my ticket it noted that I had been given the Pfizervolksvaccine, and had me booked in for #2 in April. Thanks to all. 🙂
  2. I am loath to post on a political issue, but..... Many Democrats have never really accepted the result of the 2016 Presidential election. That someone like Trump could garner a majority of votes and beat Hillary was inconceivable. He was the anithesis of everything they strived for, so they moaned and whinged and tried to frustrate hime at every turn. I don't care for Trump at all, and would never vote for someone like him here, but that's their system. Having now got their wish and seen Biden elected, they are using the dying days of Trump's office to extract retribution. They will be rid of him in a week or so, but vindictiveness has set in. The USA has many issues that need sorting, Covid-19 being the most urgent. Yet they are spending days on inward looking self-pleasuring. No one comes out of it all with any credit.
  3. I dont have a Twitter account, and if I did I wouldn't "follow" Trump's infantile posts. But their decision to bar him from the system may be ominous. What would happen if they banned Biden in a couple of years just because they could.....?
  4. One of the problems is that you state 9.00 am.... Is this your start time or planned arrival time? It can be a hassle, but if you plan to get to Eccy Road by 8.00am it can be done in half an hour. A61 to Meadowhead roundabout, straight across, down to Woodseats, tuun left on to Woodseats Road, turn right at the bottom before the railway bridge - Little London Road - left at the first set of lights, then straight on at the next set, up to Nether Edge and continue up to Kingfield Road, across Psalter Lane and down to Hunters Bar roundabout. Any later than 8.00 and you are doomed....
  5. Some years ago, when manager of Liverpool, Bill Shankly was on the lookout for a centre forward. He phoned his friend Docherty. "Doc, what do you think of the boy (Martin) Chivers?" Docherty: "He's slower than he looks...." RIP, Doc, you were a diamond.
  6. Some years ago I worked in an office with a very domineering manager, always demanding the impossible. For Christmas we bought him a year's subscription to the Fortean Times. He was not amused.
  7. Be careful what you wish for, don't confuse Tier 2 with Division 2..............🥵
  8. I I cannot help but think that Macron’s actions have the aroma of Brexit enforcement politics. However, today 1500 lorries came into Dover, mostly driven by Brits coming home for Christmas. The 6000 plus lorries parked here are by command of Macron. Most of them are from the EU. They might not get back for their Christmas. Dohhh.....
  9. When we joined the EEC in 1974, it was as it said on the tin - economic. As such, you can always negotiate with a businessman. When it rolled over (without any of its citizens having a vote...) into the EU it became a political union, and you can negotiate with a politician. However, it has now solidified as a totally bureaucratic organisation. You cannot negotiate with a bureaucrat - they say what the rules are, and that's it. Trying to negotiate with all the Barniers is futile. They have their position, you agree with it or no agreement. They will keep telling you to move, but never devaite themselves. I don't know why we keep talking.
  10. There are so many versions of "Crown" and "Dulux". Don't buy the stuff they nmake for the big sheds - 75% extra, blah blah which has the consistency of milk. And fat free milk at that. Ten coats won't cover a pencil mark. You will pay more, but buy the trade paint used by decorators. Lowes on Abbeydale Road will sell you some - although there are other retailers. You won't go back to the time-wasting "budget" rubbish.
  11. Agree 100%. Unfortunately the Hope Valley line contains two of the three longest tunnels on the mainland network. There isn't a lot of headroom so to fit overhead electrification will be difficult and costly (so I have been told). We need someone to come up with hybrid locomotives that can run on electric in the built up section, reverting to internl combustion elsewhere.
  12. I often want to go straight on from Meadowhead, towards Chesterfield. It's busy, I stop in the middle lane at the entrance to the RAB. Then it looks clear, traffic from Greenhill is stopped, although there is a car on the outside of the RAB heading into town. But he doesn't. With his car on the doorhandles he continues on the RAB, just as I start to move ahead. I just make it, he crosses behind me with his horn blaring, still in the outside lane, and tries to take out the car inside me who is turning left onto the Parkway. Sometimes it makes Owlerton stock cars look civilised.
  13. I think these are grapefruit spoons.
  14. A Lithium based battery has a charge efficiency of around 90%. Nothing else comes close. To make a lighter, more powerful battery someone needs to discover a new element. Science can be a nuisance. 🤢
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