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  1. There's a lot of premature speculation on this..... The next US presidential election is not due until 5th November 2024, and so many things can change between now and then. Who will be the candidates? Biden says he will only do one term but once they're in they get a taste for it. Will he shift? The left wing Democrats want their person on - will it be Harris? She is not popular with the whole party. Will the Republicans want Trump on the ticket? Will he put his name up? If they don't pick him he might run as an independent and split the vote, letting the Dems in. If he does stand you can bet there will be a flurry of litigation from well-wishers trying to cancel him. But you feel that whichever party fields a 40 something candidate who can actually run up and down the 'plane steps will win the day. No more gerontocracy. When do the knock-out stages begin - late 2022?
  2. Yes, a total mess. And probably going to worsen. But one positive initiative is that YCCC have commissioned a full review by an outside body into this whole sorry sequence of events. And I do hope that review will listen to ALL SIDES, in an open manner. I gather that there were some troubled employees who wished to put their own experiences to a wider audience, but they were set aside as being unhelpful. Rafiq's disclosures, in the press and to the select committee were deeply troubling, and rightly received a lot of publicity. However, they were taken as read, and as result many people have lost their livelyhoods, some with trashed reputations. And YCCC are £millions adrift as a result. I do hope the enquiry will test some of those assertations, if only in the interest of (belated) due process. And that they will confine themselves to YCCC persons involved, and not draw in outside well-wishers. Should I have doubts?
  3. There are no easy answers. What I don't like are politicians on all sides treating this as a virility test. Priti Patel keeps making tough proposals which we all know will never be implemented. President Macron is in the early stages of a Presidential election and wants to come across as decisive and in charge. Which he isn't. The only people who have got their act togtether are the criminal traffickers. They have got slick, well run systems for getting their customers on to the beach just in time, sourcing craft and outboards, and setting them off without disturbance. The gendarmerie sometimes just look on. They know the legal loopholes, use modern communications, and bank their takings with impunity. They make the UK and French governments seem infantile. I don't want to sound harsh, but the draw for these poor souls to come to the UK is join family, and/or a better future. So it would perhaps be of benefit to turn down the 'magnet'. Our labour laws and residence qualifications are looser than anywhere in the EU, and we have a sizeable (and apparently growing) black economy - should we do something about it? Finally, they are not escaping a cruel and oppressive regime. They are escaping a decent, somewhat thinly populated, democratic country. It's called France.
  4. Alas, I too remember the area in the '50s as described. And football then was played once a fortnight on Saturday afternoon, occupying a stadium from 2pm to 5pm. In the daylight.... Period. The proposed stadium will no doubt have a hybrid pitch and floodlights. So it will be in use many times a week, and together with the car park(s) will emit a whole lot of light pollution which will make life unpleasant for all the neighbours. I too await the planning details with interest. I assume the bowling green and old tennis courts will go, so an entrance approaching from the South after Lowedges could come in from the south-east corner which would take some strain off the roundabout. No exit. Will the cricket field and club remain? This is drifting from the topic but a busy home game on the Saturday before Christmas will tax everyone's patience. Bah Humbug..
  5. I use St. James frequently (the missus would have me drive her there more often....), and it's the victim of its own success, having some decent shops, being 'out of town' and at the confluence of the ring road and the A61 trunk road brings in customers from all over South Sheffield and North Derbyshire. I guess they designed it as best they could. With more space perhaps they could have had separate entrance and exit roads. But space is money.......... Being local, I can choose to visit early or late in the day, when traffic is lighter. But I suppose the Christmas weeks will see it heaving. I have already witnessed some classic parking rages. And I too have reservations about the proposed footie stadium, the planners have one chance to get the traffic flow right, good luck to that. Don't forget that coaches need space to turn, etc. And I hope they drop that awful, outdated clubhouse.
  6. Have they got an oven ready replacement? Paul Warne…….? or will they look at the roster of currently unemployed failures?
  7. We are hearing that the Blades need to make several signings in the upcoming transfer window. As thoughwe didnt have a big enough (expensive...) squad. So I ask - where are the talented youngsters coming through from the development setup? Why do we have to go and sign "Roberto from Rimini " or whoever at the first sign of a drop off in performance. Even Liverpool keep introducing youg prospects into their matchday squad, and that's Premier league. Where are or upcomers....?
  8. I wonder how many 'celebrities', politicos, sportspeople and similar wish they had never, ever, posted on social media - period. How were they to know that the funny remark they made a dozen years ago would be pulled out and inserted into today's polemics thus making them look foolish, or indeed quasi-criminal. For myself, I have never joined Facebook, Twitter or similar . I may have missed out, but at least I sleep well...... For those that are users - are you happy with your choice?
  9. So how do they fit overhead wires into the Dronfield tunnel? Physics can be a nuisance.
  10. Hello Stan. Consider Woodseats on the south side of the city. S8. Mix of old and new build. Good shops etc. and regular buses into town. Well run schools. You can see Derbyshire from your bedroom window. Fair property prices.
  11. I seem to remember a dystopian proposal that all children would be imprinted with a sort of barcode at birth. Please assure me it would never happen.
  12. In my will I have asked for my ashes to be scattered on Ringinglow, above Hathersage. I doubt my family will ask Derbyshire's permission.
  13. The Brazil delegation was a modest 479 people. Sponsored by a chainsaw company, it is rumoured.
  14. My family were long time YCC members, I am old enough to remember county matches at Bramall Lane.... But I diluted my support when they stopped playing in Sheffield (Abbeydale), likewise Harrogate and the other outgounds in favour of everything moving to Headingley (with a couple of games to Scarborough as the ground was free). I concluded that the YCC hierarchy were boneheads. As such I am not surprised at the issues raised by Rafiq. Any modern, inclusive, sports organisation, would have dealt with this firmly, fairly, and in a timely manner. YCC have a proud history, the dimwits at Headingley have trashed this by obduracy and ignorance. It's a sad episode, there will be no winners. Tim.
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