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  1. Smart Meters require a steady O2 mobile signal, moreover "they" can switch off the supply if everything gets overloaded, so I could come out in the morning to an uncharged car. Or am I being unreasonable?
  2. Following earlier advice post disaster with my plants earlier this year, my fresh chilli plants did take root, and grow well in the greenhouse. Alas, owing to the earlier problems I did start very late. As a result, I have harvested a fair number of ripe ones (two varieties), but am left with a sizeable quantity of 'green' fruits. So I have harvested them, and cleared my greenhouse. T'internet advises ripening them off the plant, and 'spoofing' them with a ripening banana as with unripe tomatoes. Does that work - should they be in a warm place? Should I make efforts to dry them at the same time? Lesson learned! I grow from seed so will start again next year. Best time to start - late March? Advice appreciated. I followed it regarding the tomatoes (Alicante and Ailsa), and enjoyed a good tasty crop.
  3. The population of the USA is about 330,000,000. These are the best two people they could find to stand as their leader for the next four years. What a gene pool.................
  4. April 1960. Gaumont Cinema, Count Basie and his orchestra. One of the very best musical experiences of my life. Ever remembered.
  5. Check you have no leaks. Even a drip drip can affect the pressure retention. Hope its not under the floorboards....
  6. Likewise, as a member of SJCC I remember both programmes. Alas, my performance on Panel Beaters was unmemorable. And I suppose Answer Line was of its time - nowadays Wikipedia soon answers any question! But the programmes did did give me an insight into the workings of a radio station, although today I guess the electronics are smaller, yet more sophisticated. Happy days. I agree with the above, the chance for 'ordinary' citizens to have a go was of great value, I rarely listen today unless I am in the car and the footie results are on air.
  7. Mr Tagg's shop is now used by Plumco, adjacent to their main one one the corner of Greenfield Road. That used to be Mr. Fletcher's grocers, then it became a pet shop. My family left Meadowhead in 1952, but Mr Tagg was in business at that time.
  8. Added: Joe Enock also owned a smaller brickworks actually on Woodseats Road (towards the top on the left), I guess the material for most of the houses he built came from that source. My father told me that he eventually closed it and transferred the production to the larger business at Woodbank/Woodside. Must have been a dusty part of town in those days! I am sure a historical society will have all this written down somewhere.....
  9. Hello Ruth, welcome to Woodseats! Yes, Joseph Enock built most of the houses on and around Woodseats Road, as well as the row at Lowedges (now a dual carriageway). He also built several cinemas (picture palaces then...) in Sheffield. He was born in Birmingham in 1863, and subsequently moved to Sheffield. Your house was probably built around 1905/10. And he did have an interest in the brickworks on Chesterfield Road, which we knew as Woodbank. It fell into disuse after WW2, and the site was acquired by the Ponsford furniture business. Joe died at his home, Belmont on Scarsdale Road, in December 1953. I am his great grandson.
  10. The polemics can get very confrontational. Why, I want to know, don't these migrants want to settle in France? It's a larger country, with more space. Indeed some rural settlements are almost depopulated. France is so nice that a lot of English go and live there. So why the lemming like efforts to cross the channel? I accept that, if our Border Force encounter a dinghy full of people in mid channel, they have little option but to bring them ashore in Dover. We are all humanists. But we all - you, me, the folks next door - live under a rule of law. Some of the laws we may not like, or consider silly, but laws they are and we have to live by them. There are laws regarding entry into this country. So why must we suspend them constantly to accomodate these boat people. If we are going to allow them in we may as well change the law. But a chap on social media was offering his services to the UK. He and his pals had motorbikes, night vision goggles and stanley knives. He reckons they could put a lot of inflatables out of commission in no time. Let's hope it doesn't come to that, but he is a strident voice.
  11. ....so Blades might have been Graves Park Rangers, based on more-or-less locality.
  12. Championship season starts on September 12th. Lets have a guess - Bonfire Night by the time they get to zero....?
  13. I would think that, technically, the Championship season officially ends with the play off final. The FA decision may be challenged, nevertheless everyone does need a decision. The footie authorities have not covered themselves in glory recently. The Newcastle saga has been shuffled from desk to desk for about twelve weeks, as it is quasi-political. The Wigan debacle saw the club change hands with no oversight as to fit and proper, etc. Dear old Bury are no longer with us owing - in part - to indifference. The only ones who benefit are the learned friends who can invoice all and sundry. I may reflect a view held by many in this City in that we need two strong, well run teams playing at the highest level. I do remember when we had them both in the top flight, which meant a big game in town every week, it has a very positive effect all round.
  14. I am the part-time bookkeeper for a busy cafe, which has been subject to all the recent Covid19 restrictions, etc. Prior to March, takeaway food was a minor part of the activity, and we managed to cope with the VAT calculations (cakes versus biscuits, etc....) for HMRC. From April we moved to 100% takeaway, and I am wrestling with the VAT consequences. We don't have one of those tills like a fairground organ with hundreds of buttons. Now we have cautiously reopened part of the indoor seating, changing all the proportions, and VAT has dropped from 20% to 5%, changing all the calculations. The HMRC websites are very comprehensive, and give a long list of VATable items, but this post is to ask - are others having a struggle with this?
  15. Google motorcycle balaclavas. The seem to come in all colours, including camouflage..... Is this for aesthetics, hygeine, or bank robbing?
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