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  1. Waited until the local Garden Centres opened, tried three, no chilli plants. Nor tomatoes, beans, etc. I asked the staff but everything went as soon as they opened. Whoosh. I usually grow from seed but no joy this time, poor growth, I may have bought a dud packet. Is there anywhere I can get, say 8 plants. Prefer Jalapeno. Not Scots Bonnets, made me ill.............😏 Thanks, Tim (Sheffield S8)
  2. Full marks to City Cabs for introducing a meal delivery service, utilising their cars and drivers., under their 'CityGrab' app system. It seems to have caught on. Well done. How much do they charge the food retailer for the facility?
  3. Areas such as Meersbrook and Woodseats would suit you, both will offer 2 bed properties and access to parks, etc. However, £130,000 is being optimistic, but drive round the districts and look for sale boards. You might have to make a cheeky offer.
  4. Coronavirus happened. Just like **** happens. So there were/are three steps to take. 1. Prevent it spreading. This was tried using lockdowns, travel bans, and similar. It has, in the main failed despite sterling efforts, but you can't imprison a virus. Incidentally allowing zog thousands of air passengers in on a regular basis seems illogical. 2. Treat it. We are doing our best, the front end staff in the NHS have been selfless, and we are trying every medicine and procedure at our disposal. Treatment will improve, and become more effective as numbers wane and knowledge improves. 3. Live with it. Which, in the absence of a secure vaccine, is what we are going to have to do. Coronavirus is a big problem. You can do two things with a problem; sort it, or live with it. We all face this dilemma in our daily lives with matters from the mundane to the serious, so let's work out how to live with Covid-19. I see no alternative.
  5. Appaarently Walmart are selling out of Dettol and Toilet Duck. You couldn't make it up................
  6. The NHS "offshored" the sourcing of basic PPE items about 30 years ago. Their budgets were constantly under pressure from the Treasury, the volumes were considerable, the accountants had the final say. No one who has been involved in manufacturing will have been surprised at the current hiatus. So many of our basic daily items are sourced from low-cost sites that when the pooh hits the fan in times of crisis, we're found wanting. Another problem is the rise of "instant fulfilment". If you want something - anything - there is a culture that you just click on a website and a van pulls up the next day.... So when the coronavirus struck, and the NHS gradually realised that they were going to need some millions of basic PPE items, there was a perception that some 747 cargo planes could land tomorrow and disgorge said requirement. Ministers were skewered at their daily briefings by know-all journalists for their seeming negligence. But the low-cost producers were also struck down, yet the whole world wanted their year's production that afternoon. So society has been turning to the (remaining) UK manufacturers - of anything - and demanding that they stop making cars or cement or cream cakes and start producing gowns and gloves, etc. Immediately! It is not possible. And when there is a clash beteween rhetoric and reality, reality always wins.
  7. Yes, son's business ("gastro cafe") applied end March, money arrived Tuesday. Well done SCC, it will make a lot of difference, he's paid the staff a 'sub' until the "80%" scheme kicks in, and some trade accounts, as they must be struggling as well. What a contrast to his bank, he applied on line for a small loan right at the start, and after three weeks has not had a reply, despite phoning and mailing. I think they will be looking after number one...............
  8. Went to Woodseats Library to return books and avoid a fine - closed until further notice. Will there be a moratorium? p.s. Excellent library, nice staff, good selection.
  9. For journeys South, it looks like Chesterfield Station will be busy for the next few years.
  10. This is a case of rhetoric meeting reality. Hancock can't stop it, Johnson can't stop it. A gunboat in the channel won't stop it. You can't shout it down because you don't like it. You can't nationalise it. You can't blame the banks. I could go on..... Coronavirus is here and it's spreading. You can't see it - it's not red spots on a supermarket trolley handle, etc. But it's up to each individual to take care and responsibility for their own actions. Not a popular thing to say in some circles. We all need to change our behaviour. But some people will still go out for a snog on Saturday night and blame the government when they catch it. In Switzerland they are handing out trolley wipes and disposable gloves as you go into the supermarket. No shouting, no panic, just being quietly efficient. Let's all be careful out there.
  11. If this really goes ahead - to schedule - it has massive implications. Fuel filling stations will become fewer and fewer. Already sparse in rural areas, they will just shut. The ones in cities will turn into blocks of flats, as there will be no money in selling electricity. Most car dealerships don't make money on new car sales. They make money on finance packages, and in their workshops. The latter will have nothing to do except change the odd wheel bearing, without all the motive power train work. I buy my cars outright, at about 3 years old, and keep them for about 5 years. Then repeat. My son tells me to lease one with the dealers' magic money, and return it in 3 years time for the guaranteed buy-back and then re assess the landscape. Much as I dislike monthly payments, he may be correct. The CEO of Ford was on the radio, they are about to launch a whole suite of hybrid petrol/plug-in electric cars and light commercials. But the government are squashing these in 12/15 years time. How does someone such as Ford make plans?
  12. Hi folks. information rquired. We have a 10+ yr old conventional boiler, and are sourcing a new combi. My regular plumber is coming to give us a quote. Wife and I are over 65. We may be eligible for a Government grant, but when I search on line all I get is a horder of intermediaries wanting to apply on my behalf, fit boiler, and sell me finance. They are not charities. Is there a direct government application system? Thanks
  13. As usual, thread drift..... ST.JAMES' RETAIL PARK: The developers got their sums right - there was a big demand for a small, quality, retail park in South Sheffield on the confluence of the A61 and the outer ring road. Proof is in the pudding, lots of happy customers. Yes, the entrance and exit could have been more generous, but it wouldn't change the footfall. Indeed separate - or wider - access would reduce the parking spaces. I have posted before on the difficulties with Meadowhead roundabout, but I guess whatever changes you make, any increase in traffic exposes more problems.... (Two footnotes: One thing missing at St. James' is a cashpoint. And if you think getting in and out of spaces there is difficult, try Waitrose on Christmas Saturday. All the cars are 50% bigger.) CYCLING: Owing to age and knee infirmity, cycling for myself is not an option. And on an electric bike I would be a menace to myself and other road users. Let's face it, Sheffield is hilly, the road layout is inherited from the Victorians, and cyclists have to mingle with traffic, period. I have an early daily commute across Nether Edge, and in poor weather and winter darkness, with cars parked on both sides of a bus route, it can sometimes be very scary. Most cyclists I encounter are well-lit and sensibly dressed, but there is the occasional blacked-out idiot..... I cannot see an easy solution, we have to share the space and all be sensible.
  14. I live nearby, and use it frequently. The most difficult approach is from the North, along Meadowhead, and you are wanting to go straight on towards Chesterfield. You are looking at cars joining from your right - Greenhill - as well as those already on the 'inside' of the roundabout. Then a car appears on the 'outside', heading towards Meadowhead, but ( without any indication) keeps turning right towards Bochum Parkway, cutting across your nose. Sometimes said car is on its doorhandles................... Traffic lights won't help, it's driver discipline. Although the re-modelled roundabout has a better sightline now that the spinney has gone.
  15. Sad to see McCabe being sidelined after years of support. Yes, most of his loans have been repaid but it will have come as a blow. But an appeal may change things..... As I understand the judgement, The football club, following the acquisition of McCabe's shares, have been ordered to buy back the ground (grounds?) and the hotel from the holding company, so Sheikh will have to drum up some cash from somewhere. And I gather the family business has just suffered a nasty fire...... If he follows the Man United/Glazer model that debt would then stay with the football club. But in effect SUFC will be wholly owned by the Saudi establishment. Good or bad? And - to be controversial - will they be happy with a ladies team?
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