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  1. The 'terrorists' directly involved in flying the airliners in 9/11 were all Saudi nationals. Albeit masterminded by Osama Bin Laden, also born in Saudi. who was esconced in Pakistan. Hmm. Difficult. Let's invade............................Afghanistan. Afghanistan has been a graveyard - sadly in more ways than one - for a succession of 'big' powers who wanted it to have a government of their choice. UK, USA, Russia, et al have all tried and achieved bloody failure. It is still a basket case. Now watch China have a go. 21st century imperialists. As usual, the poor citizens, who only want to live a peaceful life and to raise their families, will suffer tragedy after tragedy. I cannot envidsage a happy outcome.
  2. Kilmarnock shirt - plain blue & white stripes - £40.00 or so. No one would know.......🙂
  3. Well, Wednesday's Division One season starts on August 7th, so in seven weeks time. Not long to sort out all the above mentioned issues - whether fact or rumour. Training, especially with a different playing squad, is a complex undertaking. And, should the 'C19 lift off' come into force on July 19th that's just a three week run-up to re-opening the ground - or a least most of it. I am not an Owls supporter, but have relatives and friends to whom it means a lot, I just hope they can get all their problems resolved quickly. The City needs both League clubs to prosper.
  4. I can understand why Boris appeals to voters, hence he has a chunky majority. Many regard him as a bit of a cad, but with the character and intellect to see us through any of life's little problems. Such as Covid or Brexit, etc. But being PM is an unforgiving task. When I was working, I came across what I called "whoosh, whoosh" managers. Any attempts to point out flaws in their executive instructions were greeted by "whoosh, whoosh" - just get it done. They invariably didn't last long. In his determination to "Get Brexit done", he adopted the above principle to the UK/Ireland border conundrum, signed up to a fudge with a Mister Micawber like belief that something would turn up to sort out any working difficulties. Well the difficulties have arrived, and nothing has turned up to resolve them. I am not a big fan of Brussels, but in this case they can say, with justification - this was the agreement, it has your signature on the bottom - honour it. So Boris is flapping and shouting but he has been backed into a corner, and is ankle deep in a mess of his own creation. Soon it will be knee deep, waist deep, neck deep...... The only solution I can see is a long shot. The reunification of Ireland, and then Ireland leaves the EU and joins a customs union with the UK, both with a strong bond to the USA. It may sound daft, but stranger things have happened. But by then Boris would be toast.
  5. Sorry to learn that Marco won't be reopening the restaurant at Millhouses. One of Sheffield's best. Grazie; Marco.
  6. All advice read and appreciated. I have nothing against gyms and 'pools, it's the hassle of getting there, getting changed, and getting back that puts me off. Wifey has bought me a diet recipe book, but she won't eat any of the stuff. I will plod on. Just read about a new "boil in athe bag" system whereby you encase yourself inside what looks like a hot water bottle and sweat for England. You might lose weight but pong the house out....🥵
  7. My GP wants me to lose weight, my diet is OK but excercise is lacking. I have lingering problems with a knee which precludes running - I still have to use a stick. He suggests a rowing machine to help with the cardio I have looked on t'net and there is a bewildering variety. Any suggestions for c.£150-£200? I hope I have posted this in the correct thread.... Chubby of S8.
  8. I don't suppose Cummings was invited......... And did he cross his fingers when saying "I do"? But now she's got the ring on she will be unstoppable! Presents from the John Lewis list, presumably. 🙂
  9. I post with some misgivings. My wife is from Liverpool, amongst her wider family this is still a very sore topic. Firstly, the collapse of the trial was not a surprise, relying on 25 year old statements and with very elderly defendants it was fraught with problems. As was the recent action in Northern Ireland concerning military personnel from even further back. Quite why these prosecutions take so long is a mystery - and I am not a legal person. If they were more timely then it would all be fresh in the mind, etc. Moreover, the families of the victims would have more faith in the 'system', and perhaps some satisfaction. As it is the feeling of injustice will linger for many years to come. I was not in Hillsborough on the day, I was watching a rugby match at Abbeydale yet the unfolding events felt very close to home. I know that any large sporting event will have a plan or plans, and indeed contingencies for when things do not go to plan. A 'playbook' perhaps, and persons familiar with the regular problems. But it seemed as though everything that could go wrong, went wrong plus some fresh ones. The happenings overwhelmed everything and everyone, and turned into tragedy. Let's pray that it is never repeated. Ending on a minor note, a friend from Chesterfield is a Forest supporter, and was in the Kop on that day. When he eventually got home in the early evening, his mother burst into tears. He had gone on his red Forest shirt and she had watched scenes on the TV of red-shirted supporters being carried away on stretchers. A cruel day.
  10. Are you suggesting a future system in which the less well-off pay a lower rate of VAT, Fuel Duty, etc....? Love to see how that would work.
  11. It's been a really crepe season for both Sheffield teams. Not enough goals, not enough points, no crowds, losing managers and indeed losing confidence. But the great thing about football is that it will start again next August, albeit in a different division and with different opponents. Someone commented (perhaps not on SF) that going to away matches in the lower leagues is easier and cheaper, and perhaps more fun. To quote Captain Tom, "tomorrow will be a better day". 🙂🙂
  12. Nowhere does it mention if Boris (or whoever) has settled the monies owed to the petitioner. For anyone who has had an unsolicited and unwelcome letter from Northampton County Court, the likelyhood of you getting half the silks in London to turn up in the high court to have the action struck off sucks. The court letter would have been treated as some pettyfogging nusiance from the 'little people', etc. File 13. That's life.
  13. I was always told that you can do two things when faced with a problem. Sort it, or live with it. I think the Israelis and the Palestinians will have to live with it, because no one is willing to sort it. The forced eviction of Palestinians from their home because a Jewish family fancies their house was bound to start trouble. Justify that in any other part of the world. So on one hand we have the arrogance of authority, on the other a deliberate ploy to rack up the pressure on other states in the area to weigh in on their side. I am very gloomy as to the outcome. (I have no religious or cultural connections on either side....)
  14. I have never been a member of any political party, and at elections passim I have voted for different candidates. As previous poster points out, a lot can change in the three years before the next GE. From my (detached) viewpoint, the Labour Party seems to be split into three parts. Firstly 'traditional' workers in industry, transport, and the public sector. Secondly, academics - by that I mean teachers,,lecturers, etc. Thirdly the metropolitan liberals, who seem to be concentrated in the south-east. It now seems that a significant number of the first group have turned to the Tories. Part of this is because they see Boris and his colleagues as patriots, whereas groups two and three sneer at the concept. The parliamentary party don't do themselves any favours. Rather than putting forward sensible alternatives they waste their time railing against the government. Such as Angela Rayner do nothing but spout bile and hatred, no wonder they are viewed as witless. These elections have come at a bad time for any opposition. They have been obliged to support the national effort to control the pandemic, and see a government minister - even the prime minister - on television at 5pm every night putting their case to the public. Like it or not, personalities play a part and Sir Keir is a subdued character. Clips of him coming out of his London townhouse onto his little front garden don't compare to No.10, but that's reality. The pandemic will pass, some sort of normality will resume, now is the opportunity for Labour to reinforce their ranks and build towards the next GE. Sir Keir will have a part to play - he has a sharp legal brain, but someone like Andy Burnham should be brought back quickly, he has the personality and credentials. Remember that a few dozen 'swing' seats control the outcome of any GE. It only takes four or five thousand voters at a time to switch their allegiance in order to change the government. My observations as a spectator.............
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