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  1. Rain falls in the catchment area, creating a head of energy upstream. As water evaporates, it forms clouds, etc. Its a 'free' cycle A chap I know lived in Ashford, alongside the River Wye. He had a couple of small turbines installed, however the power generated ws very small. But, unlike wind and sunshine they never stopped........................
  2. As the season ends for us all, statistically Blades are the 24th best side in England, Owls are 48th. We all have to be realistic. As Blades proved a few seasons ago, if you want to get promoted, finish in the first two. It's no good moaning at rcent results going against you, the buliding blocks of promotion have to be put in place in the first half of the season. Never mind, it all atarts again in about twelve weeks or so. II hope Blades can hang on to some o ftheir best players, but Gibbs-White is only a loanee whilst Bergerand Egan must be in someone's sights. I hope Owls can hang on to such as Bannan as well. That's football, folks.
  3. You can get sensory deprivation by watching Channel 4 late on after six pints of real ale.
  4. I try to see both sides of this issue. But....if the dreadful war in Ukraine had not happened when it did, Boris would have gone by now. As it is, at the first sign of trouble his minders had him on a plane some where out of the firing line, playing Boris the Statesman. Who is the alternative Tory leader, you may ask? Well, when Boris was elected leader he made sure that his opponent - Jeremy Hunt - who is a very capable candidate - never got into the cabinet where he could build a platform, etc. I wanted to like Boris, and had hoped for better. But he has let me - and everyone else - down badly. You feel that one more whoopsie and he will have to go. Slippery b***er.
  5. Re spect for having a go - good luck. Does the book have an ISBN number? I was always led to believe that it made the difference between a pamphlet and a proper book. When I had a book published some years ago I was fortunate to belong to an organisation that had a "spare" number. So, two copies to the British Library, etc. Best wishes, Tim.
  6. Putin made his "inner circle" very, very wealthy by way of corruption. And he tucked away a fair chunk fir himself. However, that same inner circle now find themselves in reduced circumstances - assets frozen, yachts seized, etc. And they will stay that way whilst ever Vlad is head of state. I reckon they have lined up the replacement, he (or she....) will be a smiling face and appear very contrite and reasonable.Vlad will take all the blame. But he won't be around to say so, they'll put something in his tea......
  7. McBurnie starting up front. What can possibly go wrong…..
  8. We all thought referendums (referenda...?) were a bad idea, then we had one on Scottish indy, which was conclusive but left Nicola and her bravehearts still seething. Then we had one on Brexit which was barely conclusive, so we still have folks arguing the toss years afterwards. So they are now a dreadful idea. One on the irish border wouldn't solve the underlying tribal problems, just incorporate them into a another hitherto peaceful country. If the Scots persist then how about the Shetland Islanders having a referendum about going back to Norway? There is a voice for this, aalbeit a minority. However, it would mean all the oil and gas (whether or not it is a diminishing resource) heading over to Norway rather than heading south to heat your house. Don't laugh...............
  9. Back to football. How are the injured players progressing. ? We could do with some meat in the sandwich…. Will O’ Connell get back this season ?
  10. The subs bench looks thinner than the ones in Graves Park…..
  11. As above, access is difficult in the current situation. The height restrictions on the railway bridge, for instance, are too low for a 'full size' fire engine and make it difficult to bring in heavy construction equipment. Driving a new road through the end of the Rutland Road Industrial Estate is an obvious remedy, but would need planning changes, and the owners of the Estate would not be happy. I doubt there is the collective will to find a solution. The original operator went bust, the next one invested a lot of money in extending the faciities to include a bowling alley, etc, but as the site was unattended overnight it attracted a lot of local intellectuals who ran amok and kept setting fires. Eventually he gave up and so we have have the current dereliction. And I believe the adjacent land is the old Sheffield Tip, and a s such may be classed as as contaminated. Added: When are they going to do something about the derelict former Stones Brewery, which is on the approach. What a blot on the landscape.
  12. Update: Open today. Busy with two days traffic. Sign outside now says new opening hours 10 while 2. slogan inside says “helpful banking”. You couldn’t make it up……
  13. I can read their writing. Closed. Open “to be advised” Bless the Post Office on Sharrowvale Road. They took our cash takings. More power to them.
  14. Shut up. Locked. Handwritten notice telling me to s*d off to High St. what IS GOING ON?
  15. The barbaraic stupidity continues. If you want Putin's vision for the Ukraine google a picture of Aleppo in Syria. One of the middle east's great cities, reduced to rubble by Vlads brave soldiers. Heroes of the Soveiet Union, etc. They aren't real soldiers, they don't fight, they just demolish and assassinate. I despair. NATO was founded in 1949 by US, UK, Canada, etc. It's main purpose was to confront Stalin. Nowadays it spouts a lot of rhetoric but I don't think it has ever fired a shot in anger at Russia in those 72 years. I stand to be corrected (!). So don't expect anything different. However when this harrowing bloodbath is over I think we will discover that a lot of hi-tech munitions were shuffled across the border. Added:Regarding POW's, I note that when Ukraine capture any Russian troops one of the first things they do is to hand them a mobile phone and ask them to phone their mothers' to inform them that they are captured, but alive and safe. Clever tactic.
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