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  1. I can give Ian a recommendation as a guitar teacher, nice guy and very knowledgeable. It was only my relocation to Southampton that stopped my sessions.
  2. This is the best website on the net for Tri stuff: http://www.beginnertriathlete.com/ It has a lot of free training plans that cover going from couch to triathlete ! If you are looking for a Tri bike a road bike is a better bet, look at the Carrera Virtuoso,from Halfords, great bike good reviews and about £330.
  3. My claim to fame..... Grand Slam year I went to Elliot Kennedy`s recording studio one afternoon with a handful of other fans and recorded an updated version of "Whoosh it`s behing you" with the squad, sadly it never saw daylight but it was an afternoon to remember !!
  4. How about learning to play a musical instrument ??
  5. Its not their problem you haven`t been "using the bloody service" if you weren`t sure you wanted to join a gym you should have tried a few pay as you go sessions. If you sign a perfectly fair contract and then break it because you can`t be arsed to use their gym, of course they will sue and win. Why shouldn`t they, if the boot was on the other foot and you earned your money providing a service under contract, if the other party backed out would you just say fine off you go. Its why its called a contract. Breaking it will cost you a heck of a lot more and ruining your credit score as well. Don`t want commitment, don`t sign a contract.
  6. Lotar is a Hebrew abbreviation for Locham be terror - Combating Terrorism I thought it meant Craig ()
  7. Well said Craig, kinda` sums up the style vs style debate too.
  8. Who made you the forum police ?? This thread will appeal to any martial artist. Even if, as you say it was only to interest people of the posters style,Shotokan, and bearing in mind there are at least four or five Shotokan clubs in Sheffield I would say it had a pretty wide appeal.
  9. There is a clip on Youtube from UFC2 I believe (when the UFC was more style vs style) of a Wing Chun stylist. In summary, WC guy takes up traditional stance and hand position, other fighter runs across octagon, double leg takedown then vicious ground and pound. Ten seconds later WC guy out cold ! Draw your own conclusions.
  10. Try Ian Britt on 07737678795 , I had lessons with him until moving away.Nice guy and good teacher.
  11. This is a sports forum not a holiday advice service !!
  12. Simply incorrect. The issue with noise is the volume, not time of day. Noise pollution levels are closely monitored.Speak to envromental health who will send a investigator round to monitor levels. Start a diary of times and how loud the music is on a scale of 1--10.
  13. Most clubs i know will take children from 5yrs. I think 7 is more appropriate.
  14. I was at Phoenix a week ago, a large percentage of the balls in my bucket had splits or large cracks. £1 for 25 isnt that much cheaper than £4 for 90 at Moorview, which in my opinion is a much better range. You pays you money and takes your choice !!
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