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  1. Thanks, I'll send you a pm with my details
  2. Yeah few people have mentioned that. Think we'll go there the next time we can get our night out 'passes'!!!!
  3. Said I'd let you all know....... Tried to book Las Igunas but unfortunately it was fully booked. We ended up at La Mancha. Not bad. Food very average, service pretty good tho. We did have to ask them to turn the music down as we couldn't hear each other! They did but turned it up later. We're not middle aged moaners but you do like to be able to converse with the person next to you! Don't think we'd go back: the company made the night not the restaurant.
  4. In need of motivation!! Anyone know of a decent, flexible personal trainer? Ecclesfield area. Thanks:help:
  5. Thanks everyone! Guna check the web sites ands make a choice! Will let you know how it goes! Cheers!
  6. 6 of us girlies are having a night out on the town. Can anyone recommend a good central tapas/mexican resturant please? Thanks
  7. If you book in on the Monday for a full re style I thinks it's about £5-£10 (usual cost £30ish!) Ask for Joe: he's an up and coming stylist and a good lad.
  8. Hiya, La Coupe in Orchard Square has a couple of really goods mens hairdressers (Dave or Wes). And if you're looking for a bargain book in on a Monday: it's training day for the junior sylists. Don't worry they are all fully trained and you could walk away with a £40.00 haircut (or colour) for next to nothing! Well worth it for ladies too! Tel 01142750505 and ask for Joe.
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