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  1. 7000 now but my post you referred to is 18 months old and they are acquiring businesses and new vehicles all the time.
  2. Depends how much they went on and on about it despite others giving them well meaning advice.
  3. Anyone can talk to a paper but it's whether or not they publish it that's the issue, if it winds up hysteria in the readership like this one, they publish. They don't give a monkeys about the people involved. Course it is, they all are.
  4. Your posts are beginning to make me feel depressed and I think I need to visit a shrink, fancy coming with me?
  5. But it doesn't seem to have got it off their chests, they still say that they will never forgive them and having part of the population backing them up and encouraging their bitterness does not help them with the grieving process. Of course it's absurd that the letter was sent but the offending parties appear to have made sincere, genuine apologies in good faith and promised to change the system, before this went into the public domain. Nothing has been achieved by going public.
  6. Come onto the other threads if you like, that's not what other people are saying, we just have discussions, sometimes disagreements, it's quite normal. If you think disagreeing is abuse that's fine with me, I couldn't care less tbh.
  7. I can't see any trolling on here. Saying uncomfortable truths isn't trolling.
  8. I don't have a demonistic view of you, I'm hoping that you are or become fit and well and less bitter but at present that doesn't seem to be the case and you are blaming NHS for it. I didn't use the word liar btw, you did.
  9. You implied at the start of this thread that everyone and everything about the NHS is crap when it simply isn't.
  10. If you want to score cheap hits I can tell you that my dad dropped dead from a heart attack aged 43, we didn't blame anyone else for his faulty heart.
  11. No I don't and I can find plenty of things wrong with it too but mainly on a management level, mostly they do things right at the sharp end despite the non co-operation and over expectations of a lot of their patients, due to the dedication of their long suffering staff.
  12. So because of your negative experiences you wouldn't seek medical attention if you were ill? That's just plain stoopid.
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