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  1. Thanks for the info I know where you mean. I will call in and see.
  2. Does anyone know where I can get some wood shavings are similar material to put between my raised beds on my allotment? Nearer to Stocksbridge the better.
  3. I think it's faulty but I can try taking off the battery. I'm open to try anything. Thanks
  4. I know what the code means. I want someone to fix it for me.
  5. I've check all the connections under seats, they are all fine.
  6. Does anyone know anybody in Sheffield or close by who can repair/fix an Airbag. The Airbag light stays on, on my Ford Kuga. The garage I took it to says it's the Drivers side airbag the fault code is B2774.
  7. I've got wooden Fascias and Soffits that need repairing and painting. Can anyone recommend anyone?
  8. Does anyone know anyone who is reliable and sensibly priced to refit some ridge tiles that have come off.

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