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  1. A clean living ex Tory Shadow Home Secretary MP would be an asset to any new political party. Ann Widdecombe's stock is certainly higher than Neil Hamilton who switched to UKIP and Chuka Umunna whose latest switch is to the Lib Dems.
  2. Ann Widdecombe is only staying with the Brexit Party until Brexit is implemented so will not be standing in future elections even if the Brexit Party continue afterwards. I would imagine Farage considers Ann Widdecombe an asset and most definitely not a liability. The Brexit Party are not in the European Parliament until 31st October to give the EU an easy time and heap praises on their organisation.
  3. Revoking Article 50 would be the most humiliating act in our country's history. Thankfully Boris is not going to do that when he becomes Prime Minister in less than three weeks time.
  4. Most of the ERG continued to reject Mrs May's withdrawal agreement because it was a bad deal for our country. It was Mrs May who stated no deal is better than a bad deal after she became Prime Minister.. We'd be out now if Parliament hadn't blocked a no deal which was the default legal position Parliament agreed to when they voted overwhelmingly in favour of triggering Article 50. It is not the fault of the ERG why our country is still in the EU.
  5. You're absolutely correct. However, yesterday the Brexit Party were representing the 52% portion who voted to leave the EU in the democratic 2016 EU referendum and all those people who supported the Brexit Party in the recent European Elections. They made a silent non-violent dignified protest which didn't embarrass our country. As a remain voter, I am ashamed by the actions of other remain voters who haven't respected our own democracy which has prevented the 2016 EU referendum result being implemented meaning our country was forced to hold European Elections after 29th March which is the date our country should have left the EU. The truth is there should have been no representatives from our country to listen to the European Anthem in Brussels yesterday and our country should be embarrassed that we still have MEPs in the European Parliament.
  6. They made the news and more people are talking about them then the nominations to lead the EU Commission The Brexit Party are there to represent the people who voted for them which is how democracy works.
  7. The Brexit Party weren't replicating the Nazis. Why would you expect the Brexit Party to honour the Anthem of Europe after our democratic people voted to leave the EU in 2016 and our country is still in the EU when we should have left on 29th March? I assume you weren't embarrassed by the Lib Dems having a swear word on their T Shirts and a Green Party member turning up in a base ball cap.
  8. Have you not heard that the French don't have la creme de la creme of democracy ?
  9. You're preaching to the wrong poster telling me to man up. I have always accepted the democratic EU referendum result and never had a problem with our country leaving the EU on 29th March by the default legal position our Parliament overwhelmingly agreed to when they triggered Article 50. I wont have a problem if our country leaves by the default legal position on 31st October because democracy will be respected and our country will be able to move on in a positive way.
  10. Leave supporters were in the majority of the population who voted in the democratic 2016 EU referendum. The only way to get a good deal is to keep the option of leave on the table. It looks like our new Prime Minister will be able to negotiate if the EU are willing to negotiate without any interference from Parliament until the second week in October. Time to accept our country is leaving the EU.
  11. You always convenient forget our country had a democratic election in which the majority voted to leave the EU. If you don't respect democracy then I suggest you have have a long hard look at yourself in the mirror . Your comical posts won't help you when you meet your maker.
  12. There was no remain vote in the European Elections. Each voter had to choose which political party they wished to represent their interests in the European Parliament. There was only one reason why voters chose the Brexit Party to represent their interests. The Brexit Party won the European Election election in our country and the result has influence the leadership race to become our country's Prime Minister which explains why Boris will be our country's next Prime Minister. I am not gullible at all. You seem to be confused by what is a lie and what is a pledge. Can you name me one Prime Minister who has delivered all their pledges ? Theresa May pledged to implement Brexit but has failed, but that doesn't make her a liar. The people of London must have been happy that Boris delivered a good amount of pledges otherwise they wouldn't have re-elected him to be their Mayor again. Boris has pledged to implement Brexit by 31st October and we will know by the 1st of November if he has delivered this pledge. Unlike you, I have an open mind and am prepared to give Boris a chance to deliver his pledges when he becomes our country's Prime Minister.
  13. Exactly that is the worse case scenario such as preventing a similar attack which happened on September 11th in the USA.
  14. Leaving the EU isn't against the wishes of the people because the democratic people voted by a majority to leave the EU. The recent European Election results prove the desire of the democratic UK people to leave the EU hasn't diminished since the democratic 2016 EU referendum result. Seriously your logic doesn't make sense because Boris is likely to win a landslide victory in the next General Election after he has implemented the democratic 2016 EU referendum result.
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