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  1. That is hilarious, carry on nit picking, if that is your bag. The UK and EU can continue trading on the same basis as they do now in the event of a no deal Brexit. If you don't believe me, then I suggest you contact the World Trade Organisation.
  2. The UK and EU would continue trading the same on an interim basis. The UK and EU would cooperate on other matters until future individual agreements are reached. The legislation passed that is legally binding states the UK are leaving the EU which by default makes the result of the democratic 2016 EU referendum legally binding.
  3. The referendum result became legally binding after the House of Commons overwhelmingly passed legislation. The poster is correct leaving without a deal on 29th March is still the legal default position. If Parliament reject the deal on offer again, then there will be an emergency EU summit where a managed no deal could be arranged.
  4. More people voted to leave than voted to remain. In the UK they only count votes that are in the ballot box. You can go again if you like, but you will still be anti democratic.
  5. There are over 17.4 million reasons why a mockery of democracy will be made, if the result of the 2016 EU referendum is not implemented.
  6. I agree. if the result is not implemented it will make a mockery of democracy in the UK.
  7. I voted to remain. If Remain had won the democratic EU referendum vote I would have expected the UK to remain 100% in the EU. Anyone who respects democracy can only expect the UK to leave the EU on 29th March.
  8. Lockdoctor

    White supremacist attack in NZ

    They should have had a blanket over his head rather than blur out his image. I suspect if the alleged murderer hadn't posted on social media his name also would not have been released. The New Zealand authorities haven't released the name of the man accused of murdering British backpacker Grace Millane.
  9. Your style might be a pro EU supporter. 😰
  10. Lockdoctor

    Shamima Begum

    She put herself in the media when she and her two schoolgirl friends travelled to Syria 4 years ago after being groomed and brainwashed. In March 2015 Sir Bernard Hogan-Howe, the then commissioner of the Metropolitan police, announced that if the three Bethnal Green girls returned home they would be treated as victims and would not face prosecution. Hogan-Howe was a policeman, it was his part of his job to make decisions on who should be prosecuted. Javid has shown how tough he can be on schoolgirls. Our Home Secretary would have more credibility if he acted just as tough against grown men who enter our country illegally via small boats or in the back of lorries.
  11. Accepting and respecting a democratic decision is not capitulating.
  12. This is a discussion forum and any member is allowed to comment on any comments made by any member of the forum.
  13. I voted to remain in the EU, but unlike you I respect and accept the democratic decision made by the majority. I don't have have a problem with a no deal Brexit.
  14. It's not a surprise that a person who voted to leave the EU wants a no deal Brexit. At the end of the day Leave did win the democratic EU referendum.
  15. Hilarious. Have a look at your old council tax bills and work out how much percentage more you pay now than you paid 10, 15 and 20 years ago. If we have bad weather at Easter some posters on here will be blaming that on Brexit.

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