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  1. Amber Rudd's big problem is that she only won her seat by a few hundred votes in the last General Election. It would be a big risk for the Tories to choose a new leader who could easily lose her seat at the next General Election.
  2. He might struggle to get enough votes from Tory MPs to make the final two candidates. If he makes the final two then he will win when the Tory members vote.
  3. The goal should be to deter people from making false reports and false allegations.
  4. Lockdoctor

    VIP paedophile ring

    A good post. If someone is found guilty of making false allegations regarding sex assaults then they should be treated in the same way as someone found guilty of manslaughter.
  5. Lockdoctor

    Thieving Goes Unpunished. Lack of Police.

    It is a complete disgrace. The reason it is a complete disgrace is because of laziness. There are far too many lazy people working in the services such as the Police and NHS who don't want to do a honest day's work. I am a volunteer driver which involves driving people to doctors and hospital appointments. Yesterday I had a call on my private phone from someone who I have previously taken to appointments. The gentlemen who rung me up told me he needed to get to the chemist for advice because he couldn't get an appointment at his doctors for 3 weeks. I took the gentlemen to the chemist and he was advised by the chemist to push his Doctor's surgery for a quicker appointment because they couldn't prescribe the medicine he needed without a prescription from a Doctor. I rung the gentleman up this morning to see if he needed transport to the Doctors and he had been told because he hadn't rung up at 8.00 am he had missed all emergency appointments for the day and he needed to ring up tomorrow at 8.00 am to get an emergency appointment. I was so worried about the Gentleman that I told him to get ready and I would take him to the Doctors and wait with him until he received help. When we arrived at the Doctors surgery we were told by the receptionist that there were no Doctors on the premises because they closed at dinner time on a Wednesday. I told the receptionist that I would have to take the Gentleman to the nearest hospital, if he couldn't be treated there and was interrupted by a lady Doctor who told me to bring the Gentleman into her room. The lady Doctor gave the Gentleman the prescription he needed after less than five minutes. The Doctors surgery have their own chemist on the premises and while we were waiting for the medicine I noticed at least six staff behind the counter who were just talking to each other and doing no work. I will receive no petrol expenses for helping the gentleman because I was not authorised to give him the help he needed.
  6. Exactly correct. Anyone making a serious allegation should be prepared to be investigated themselves. There is a high profile court case just started which involves someone who has alleged to have made a number of false allegations. Carl Beech told 'extraordinary tale' of VIP paedophile ring https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-48265204
  7. Lockdoctor

    Euro Elections

    The Brexit party plan is to put pressure on the Government to honour the democratic 2016 EU referendum result and honour what the MPs overwhelmingly voted for when they voted to Trigger Article50. The MPs knew when they voted to trigger Article 50 that they were voting for the UK to leave the EU on 29th March 2019 with or without a Withdrawal agreement. All Leave voters have been betrayed because the UK didn't leave the EU on 29th March 2019 without a Withdrawal agreement which was the legal default position after the MPs overwhelmingly voted in favour for triggering Article 50. The Brexit party want the UK to leave the EU on 29th October this year on WTO terms. The Brexit party has only been formed because the democratic 2016 EU referendum result has not been implemented as promised and Leave voters who won the EU referendum have been betrayed.
  8. Lockdoctor

    Euro Elections

    It's ludicrous to say the referendum result wasn't decisive enough when a clear majority voted in favour of one of the options regarding a single issue. In a General Election a political party can achieve a landslide victory with much less than 50% of votes cast and can pass any legislation in Parliament on any issue without any problems. The sad truth is the UK hasn't the collective maturity to deal with referendum results when the result is not what was expected or what the establishment wanted.
  9. Lockdoctor

    Euro Elections

    Farage stated he admired the leadership skills of Putin but didn't admire him as a human being. Someone with the same leadership skills as Putin wouldn't have agreed to the bad EU Withdrawal Agreement Mrs May supports. I only support the democratic EU referendum result being honoured and fully implemented. I am in nobody's radar and will not be voting for any party in the Euro elections.
  10. Lockdoctor

    Euro Elections

    Did you see Farage on the Andrew Marr show this morning? Looks like you're copying what Andrew Marr said. Farage answered all the questions well. Of course its going nowhere because the UK haven't left the EU and won't leave the EU properly even if some agreement is reached between Labour and the Conservative parties. Brexit like UKIP are not really political parties, but are pressure groups. A vote for Brexit is a protest vote for being cheated out of democracy. It will all be a waste of time because Parliament ignored the wishes of 17.4 million people who voted to leave the EU and will also ignore the wishes of those placing a protest vote for Brexit in an election the UK wouldn't be taking part in, if the majority of MPs had respected the democratic 2016 EU referendum result.
  11. Lockdoctor

    Euro Elections

    I did vote remain. Yes, I have strongly supported Brexit since 24th June 2016 when the result of the EU referendum result was announced. All of us should have got behind Brexit after the result of the 2016 EU referendum was announced. I won't be voting in the Euro elections because the UK should not be taking part. The UK should have left the EU on 29th March this year.
  12. Lockdoctor

    Euro Elections

    I voted to remain because I hadn't been convinced to vote leave and listened to David Cameron's words. I wouldn't have bothered to turn out to vote, if I had known the result of the EU referendum wasn't going to be implemented if leave won. The reason why more people voted in the 2016 EU referendum than in any other election in UK history is because every voter believed whatever the result, the wishes of the majority would be implemented. The moral argument is that the democratic EU referendum result should have been fully respected. Anyone who thinks otherwise has no respect for democracy when the democratic wishes of the majority don't mirror their own personal wishes.
  13. Lockdoctor

    Euro Elections

    Amber Rudd has no chance in leading the Tory party mainly because she only won her seat at the last General Election by a few hundred votes. If the Tory leadership goes to the Tory members than a pro Brexit candidate will win assuming her or she makes the final two. On the Peston ITV show, they showed a statistic that 70% of Tory members would have been okay with the UK leaving the EU without a deal.
  14. Lockdoctor

    Electric socket

    Get a sparky is the best advice. Just for reference have a look on the web site below. UK Wiring Colours – The Old and the New https://www.electriciancourses4u.co.uk/useful-resources/history-of-wiring-colours-cable-sheathing-bs7671/
  15. I'd expect the police to do some kind of investigation into any alleged victim of a serious crime. I don't see a problem in an alleged victim of rape volunteering to let the police examine their phone. I guess that most rape cases are based on the alleged victims version of events and the alleged rapist version of events and it makes sense for the police to examine the phones of both people involved, if they believe it can help with their enquiries to establish who is telling the truth.

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