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  1. I don't think people who voted remain are snowflakes and are weak. I voted to remain. The people who are snowflakes, weak and shameful are those who don't respect the democratic decision the majority made and seek to cheat the majority of their own people out of their democratic choice. I'd rather not share an air raid shelter with people who have no pride for their own country and don't respect democracy. It's truly frightening you consider a person who respects the democratic wishes of the majority as deranged. It's even more frightening the number of people who live in Britain in 2019 that don't respect democracy or respect the wishes of their own people who voted the opposite way to themselves.
  2. Because the people of Britain had acclaim and more pride in their own country then. There were no snowflakes who didn't respect democracy and twenty four hour news channels or the internet were not around to spread discontent amongst the weak. It's absolutely shameful that Britain hasn't pulled together after June 23rd 2016 in order to make the best out of a situation and a new path the democratic British people chose to go down.
  3. I don't think any TV manufacturer will be interested in monitoring or spying on what content is viewed via the smart television in our household.
  4. With the BBC IPlayer and their BBC website they are offering a much better service than they did 20 years ago. I don't begrudge paying the TV licence but I don't subscribe to SKY or any other pay channels.
  5. Our big 20 year old analogue television died earlier this year and was replaced with a new big screen smart television. It's good not to have to use a set top box to convert the signal to digital anymore. Access to all the free services via the internet makes teletext redundant. It makes sense for the BBC to concentrate on services via the internet which more people are using nowadays due to modern televisions.
  6. It makes sense for BBC to switch teletext off because it is old technology which can only have a very small number of users nowadays.
  7. To be fair to Corbyn, I thought he stated to Andrew Marr, if a new deal passed the so called 'five Labour tests' then he would support leaving the EU in a future referendum in the unlikely event Labour win the next General Election.
  8. The problem for the hotel owners is that Thomas Cook pay their bill for accommodation about two months after the holidaymakers have stayed in hotels. This means Thomas Cook still owe huge sums of money from the peak holiday season while they have a cash flow problem which isn't going to improve. Holidaymakers are protected if Thomas Cook goes bust but hotel owners and other businesses are not protected.
  9. Because their customers are protected by ATOL. The downfall of a normal private business doesn't end up with British people being stranded in a foreign country.
  10. I am missing your point. Do you think it is normal for a man to marry a women old enough to be his grandma?
  11. The point is our Government didn't seek to embarrass Donald Trump by exposing him to the protesters with baby Trump balloons.
  12. Well done to Bettel if the people of little Luxembourg support him. But as retep's post shows Bettel hasn't received support on the world stage for his discourteous behaviour. Our country's Prime Minister is considered to be a normal person on the world stage unlike the president of France who is married to someone who is old enough to be his grandma.
  13. I only decided to come back before 31st October because I support honest fair play. Too many Pro Leave supporters who use to post on the Sheffield Forum have either been banned or lost the will to live and decided to refrain from posting due to the anti democratic rhetoric which is allowed to dominate the Sheffield Forum. Leave means Leave is what should have happened on 29th March, but our Parliament unfortunately have backslided. You continue to embarrass yourself by mentioning Tommy Robinson because the vast majority of leave voters will have never heard of him when they went to the polling station on 23rd June 2016 and chose which box to place a tick in on the ballot paper.
  14. To use one word, YES. You continue to be an embarrassment to your own country by supporting foreign countries at every opportunity.
  15. You would lose your bet. Our country regardless of who is Prime Minister will continue to respect foreign leaders who visit our country. The Luxembourg Prime Minister is an embarrassment to his own country.
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