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  1. Yes I've rung them twice and they've said they would get someone to ring back!! Yes if we had known there were these delays we would have used fast track service, but in hindsight it looks as though we wil just have to wait and see if they turn up!, which is really annoying, Will probably get in contact in a couple of days for an update, and go from there! ---------- Post added 16-06-2014 at 17:22 ---------- Also no interviews/appointments available at Durham for 3 weeks!
  2. Applied for mine and my husbands passport renewal at the beginning of June. (just realising that our passports needed renewing,which is our fault). Then it comes on the News regarding all the delays at the passport office!! Always in the past I have used Post Office Check and Send, receiving passports back in 10 days, so really worried now, as our holidays which we booked last year, starts on 27 June. Rang passport office but they said they would ring me back, no joy, they Never rang back, that has happened twice now. Advice needed please? Thankyou
  3. HURRAY ! Finally, sorted a mortgage out. Halifax have been our saviour! They have gone out of their way to help us to obtain a mortgage with them for the property we want. We tried to get a mortgage through 3 mortgage brokers, but no joy whatsoever, so we are really thrilled to bits that we can now move to our dream house.
  4. They r saying affordability. We have sold our house £211,000 and buying at £145,000. We were wanting a mortgage of £55/56,000. My husbands net is £12,000 and I get a small admin salary of £5,400, we have no debts as such. So we are devastated at the moment, as we wil let a lot of people down if we have to pull out as well.
  5. Well, broker got back to my husband, can't do. Devastated !! So wil now have to pull out of house buying, and our house sale
  6. Don't know if a good or bad sign that the mortgage/finance guy not got back to us as yet! Hopefully we wil get some feedback today, fingers crossed
  7. No, my husbands business is not losing money, it is just because he doesn't show enough with his books - £12,00 net). I have a small admin wage from his business of £5,400. No debts as such. So finding a mortgage for £55.000 is difficult, nearly impossible at the moment!
  8. We r with Santander at the moment but they won't transfer our mortgage to the new property we r wanting to buy, so we have to re apply. It's all about affordability with them, which is good, but we were wanting to pay a large chunk off the mortgage as we r downsizing, but they won't give us a mortgage!
  9. Yes, we are wanting a new mortgage of £55/56.000, but it's the affordability that is the stumbling block for lenders with my husband being self employed.
  10. Just spoken to a local financial advisor and he is not hopeful at all for us, so we may have to pull out of selling, and buying the property we were after!
  11. Yes got 3 years books, it's affordability, even though we are downsizing, and paying off part of the mortgage! ---------- Post added 21-05-2014 at 10:00 ---------- Any ideas? our property sold for £211,000, buyin at £145,000, yet stil very very difficult to get a mortgage
  12. Trying to obtain a mortgage, husband self employed. We have sold our house. Any good financial mortgage advisors in Sheffield area?
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