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  1. Yes, thats what I have been told by the remap company. I do about 40 - 50 miles a day mainly motorway so car getting plenty of use.
  2. I was told how they do it it would appear the DPF is still there. Certainly food for thought.
  3. Not sure if something will get any reply on but thought I would ask. Got a 2011 VW Golf 1.6 TD. For a week had a problem with glow plus showing on cask. Had diagnostics run and shows faulty EGR. Apparently common fault on this model. Had a few quotes to replace from £500 to £900. My dilemma is I have looked into having EGR and with it DPF removed and remapped from 105 to 140 BHP. Quote I have is £400 and been told car will run like a dream after. Just got a lot of uncertainty so any advice or opinion much appreciated.
  4. Went down to the events today and well attended. One BIG gripe though - which numpty decided to place the loudest ride opposite the stage where the acts were playing and under the big screen. A lot of money no doubt spent on the screen and totally redundant as not able to hear anything other than the ride music blasting out.
  5. Even as a Wednesday fan Billy is the type of player I would like to see release an autobiography rather than these current ageing Prem Players like Gerrard, Neville, Ferdinand, Carragher etc. Surely he has enough exploits to fill several books.
  6. Is anyone else experiencing a power cut in the Stocksbridge area ??
  7. Been to Keswick a few times. Always go A1, A66. Lovely journey on the whole.
  8. Thank you for your opinion - I bow to your superior common sense. I have been travelling with work regularly and at short notice over the past 3 months and this was the first accasion I could be without a passport in my posession. I will take on board your comments for future !!!
  9. Is anyone subject to the delays that are being reported in the news last couple of days . I applied for a renewal last week. Did it online Monday and posted off the pics etc on Tuesday. Been advised it is currently been processed. We go on holiday 20th July so not panicking yet !
  10. Football Focus presenter Dan Walker lives in Sheffield.
  11. Hello, We had our back garden levelled and returfed about a year back. Initially it looked great but now it is very very patchy with 'tufts' of grass in patches. Before I look at returfing is there any treatments and experts can recommend. We are off on holiday for 10 days next week and wondered if there was anything I could put down that would help recover the lawn. Many Thanks
  12. Is anyone having problems with their Sky Broadband in the Deepcar area ? Ours has been intermittent for the last couple of days.
  13. Cheers Angry Dog. After a bit of research did this and it worked !!
  14. Hello, wonder if anyone can help or advise what to do. Turned on Laptop and came up with Windows 7 blue screen and message ..... "Preparing to configure windows" followed by "Failure configuring service pack Reverting changes". Have not got a clue how to get past if anyone can help.
  15. Watching at the moment .......... The Following Chicago Fire Elementary Can't wait for Game of Thrones and Revolution looks good. Did not used to be fussed for US drama series but there are some cracking ones at the moment and Sky have all the best one's.
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