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  1. hey guys, thanks very much for your responses to my plea for bands. i'm touched by the response. really, most grateful. still could fit in a couple more if there are any out there who need the exposure. the gigs will be at The Plug Nightclub, with local tv and radio there covering the event, as well as scouts from one or two labels. we've managed to get an agreement in principle that the band that shows the most promise on the night gets a slot to do a set at a festival in derby. lokking, still for dj's, urban dancers, beat boxers etc. again, thanks for everything guys!
  2. Hey guys. We’re looking to launch a social enterprise geared at helping talented young people here and abroad achieve their dreams and are asking any bands, musicians, entertainers etc that have some time to spare in June (on the30th) to come a play a set or whatever for the launch. It’ll be at one of Sheffield’s biggest and best independent venues so while we can’t pay much in the form of money we’d more than happy to put videos etc of your work on our site, and you tube channel when both are up and going. Playing there can’t hurt publicity, exposure and the resume either, I don’t think We could also use promoters, events organisers and the like so if you, or anyone you know, could help we’d love to hear from you. Even if you can help directly. It won’t be strictly voluntary as we’d be prepared to cover costs and bit more if need be, so please get in touch. Thanks for reading.
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