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  1. Ha! There's a little plaque with this on in my parents' house. Your slippers are by the fire, dear Your pipe and a book that's new Your dinner is in the oven But where the hell are you? Happy days, eh?!
  2. I walked past today and it looks like they've made a start.
  3. I'm still happy with QiQ - Premium offering @ £30/year is all I've needed. Tell 'em I sent you @ https://www.qiq.co.uk/portal/aff.php?aff=22
  4. They've started updating the listings at http://www.localcarols.org.uk/sings.php
  5. Ah yes, the beer. I had a pint of Oyster Stout from Wentworth Brewery. Yummy and local.
  6. I had a really lovely meal at the D&P last week, so I thought I'd better post a recommendation. Nicely cooked and presented little plates, and a good selection of tastes from the 3 for a tenner menu for me. Plenty of other choices too. Here's the menu. Have you been too? What did you think?
  7. Goodbye Redrobbo - thank you for all the good things you did. Condolences to those who are grieving.
  8. The end of Cybersyn. I've always been a bit of an admirer of Stafford Beer.
  9. Brian Perkins reading The Shipping Forecast by Les Barker. Moderate to Good.
  10. Well said, Edna! I've never been fussed about the 'big names' on the main stage stuff. What I am amazed by is the incredible talent that can be found in corners of the city you might not usually go to. Even better if the free Busker's Bus takes you there and you get to join in a singalong (quite possibly with a 'big name'!) on the way. The Tramlines weekend has introduced me to some fabulous new music and I'm looking forward to seeing those artists again.
  11. DANCE FOR ST. GEORGE - IN SHEFFIELD CITY CENTRE... Saturday 20th April 2013 With Sheffield City Giants and their friends... Dance sides: · Sheffield City Giants (SCG) · Yorkshire Chandelier (YC) · William Morris (WM) · Handsworth Sword Dancers (HSD) · Boggarts Breakfast (BB) · Lizzie Dripping (LD) · Three Shires Clog (3S) · Lord Conyers Morris Men (LCMM) · Silkstone Green (SG) · Sheffield City Morris Men (SCMM) · Steel City Rappers (SCR) Programme: 11.00 am – The Lord Mayor arrives to watch the dance display in front of the Town Hall. Sheffield City Giants begin the display followed by the other teams in the order above 12.00 pm - divide into 3 groups: 1. Town Hall: LCMM 3S SG 2. Peace Gardens: SCG LD SCMM BB 3. Barkers Pool: HSD WM YC SCR 12.30 to 1.30 - Lunch 1.30 pm - divide into 3 groups: 1. Barkers Pool: LCMM 3S SG 2. Town Hall: SCG SCMM BB SCR 3. Peace Gardens: HSD WM YC 2.30 pm - all teams gather at the Town Hall · 2.45 pm - Grand Circassian Circle (all together !) · 3.00 pm - Finish! From http://www.facebook.com/sheffieldcitygiants
  12. Open your spreadsheet and press alt-F11 to get the Visual Basic editor. Choose Insert/Module from the menu and paste in the code below. Press alt-Q to close the editor. You can use =Rot("My string",2) or =Rot(F3,2) to encode your string with offset 2. Option Explicit Function Rot(codeString, Optional offset) 'Simple encrypting. Rotate original string by 'offset' characters 'By maggi 13/2/13 Dim charIndex As Long, charCode As Integer, alpha As Integer If IsMissing(offset) Then offset = 0 ' ignore missing values End If If offset > 26 Or offset < 0 Then offset = 0 ' ignore invalid values End If For charIndex = 1 To Len(codeString) ' for each character in the string charCode = Asc(Mid$(codeString, charIndex, 1)) ' get the character code ' only use an offset if the character is A-Z or a-z If (charCode >= Asc("A") And charCode <= Asc("Z")) Or (charCode >= Asc("a") And charCode <= Asc("z")) Then If charCode >= Asc("a") Then ' are we in upper or lower case? alpha = Asc("a") Else alpha = Asc("A") End If charCode = charCode + offset ' add on 'offset' characters If charCode >= alpha + 26 Then ' have we gone past the end of our case range? charCode = charCode - 26 End If End If Mid$(codeString, charIndex, 1) = Chr(charCode) ' substitute the new character Next charIndex Rot = codeString End Function
  13. *sharp intake of breath* Uh-oh
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