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  1. Sheffield Forum Badminton Club this years Christmas Party is going to be held at Revolucion De Cuba. The meal is going to be a tapas buffet (menu looks amazing) and you get an option for whether you want to have drinks included in the price: £12/person for tapas buffet £14 to incl. any 1 drink £20 to incl. 3 drinks! *Any drink included in the drinks offer apart from the zombie cocktail! I need final numbers and decisions by the beginning of November so please say whether you're attending and get your money and decision to me or Allan asap. Hope to see you there Cat SIGNED UP SO FAR: ------------ Cat Nish Ed Vicki Claire Caprice Steven L Rose Michael Marie M Paul M Kate Dean James O ------ 14
  2. hey i'm interested in playing in the combined or ladies. I think i'd prefer the combined and then maybe be a back up for ladies. Thanks Cat
  3. Cocktail making (and drinking) cocktail party with (tame!) hen party games for Nish and nibbles in hope of soaking up some of the alcohol! Starting in Broomhill (address to follow) and then we will head into town to meet the boys. Come in your best cocktail dress or party clothing and bring some money to pay for food & drink (price aiming to be around £10/person, less if more people) Sign up on here so can get an idea of numbers. Hope to see you xXx
  4. coming for the first time on Tues, can you sign me up for thurs at the moment, so I can see what standard like and if i'd be out of my depth on a thurs? thanks
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