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  1. Regen of Castlegate is a fabulous concept and idea. Something like this would be ideal with funding from the European Union, like so much of the City Centre development (Train station etc) has relied on over the last few decades. Oh wait...
  2. I'll not boost a 2008 thread I'm sure the software has advanced since then... Been using Movie Edit Touch which is incredibly basic with very minor edit functions. I'm ready for the next step, cheap and cheerful would be ideal. Any suggestions?
  3. To be fair general roadworks are just as bad and we have to cope with them every day of the year somewhere. A57 off the parkway was closed last night from the roundabout and the diversion took you through Handsworth (I should have gone the Intake way in that case), the signs there left as many questions for direction as much as they were there to help the situation. As a national organisation (Great Run cover douzens of similar events across the UK) they need to make money to pay staff, make a profit to invest into future events etc. As long as they are operating legally and adhering to H&S blah blah, I think your request will sadly be to a lost cause. One way to find out though if you ask them the question
  4. Did all the people moaning on this thread also think that the Tour de Yorkshire, Tramlines, events at the Arena, Football Grounds every week or other such City wide events are an inconvenience for travel disruption? Moaning on here gets you nowhere, and other than the few fellow moaners no one cares, lol! Feed it back to the organisers instead of spreading negativity on what 5,000+ runners, several thousand spectators and all the people that have travelled to Sheffield for the event have actually seen as a well organised event and enjoyed what has been a rare feel good factor day. Great Run who organise this is different from the Half Marathon organising team I believe, so no issues with the water. I actually appreciate the fact this race is called Great Yorkshire Run and it's actually not based in Leeds! I think next year, I will start a thread 6 months in advance of the race, to give people plenty of notice who might be slightly inconvenienced. They can then have plenty of time to plan their journey to work, or they can seek advice on here for alternative routes. You can never please everyone, but positivity is contagious and it needs spreading as much as possible. Well done Sheffield for a cracking day.
  5. Was a popular car park for me when I used to work on the station 8/9 years ago then they got a private company to put signs up and got people for weeks. Must have made a fortune. If I had the money, I'd demolish it and turn it in to a car park, undercut the train station car park and would retire early
  6. Doing some research for a project, all I can conjure up is Lee Westwood the golfer. Anyone else? Rather hear from some locals than Wikipedia Include anything well known, building, celebrity, companies etc..
  7. Completely agree. Fortunately, in over 15 years I've only had to sign on briefly twice, last year and in 2009. I had the same rotten experience from the city centre branch (2009) and the Dinnington one (2014), sounds like nothing has changed. I was that angry at how I was treat last year I wrote an email to the Minister of Employment. Rather than complain, I basically explained how life was in my position rarely out of work, just needing some support, but treat rubbish and the support very unproductive and not value for money. I said everything in the most positive manner you can imagine, they're not going to react to an individual, so I suggested things they can do to improve. About a month later I got a response, not from any high office, instead they forwarded my letter back to the Dinnington job centre, who then angrily denied all my suggestions of their poor and unproductive service (including how horrific their website is to use). Not the response I wanted when there is a general election coming up soon. They've lost my vote put it that way. The patronising goons. I feel for anyone having to use the service, it impacts your mental health (been there) so further strain on the NHS. If they get this right, or get rid might be easier then inspiring people instead of humiliating them, the experience could be a bit more barable. In 2009, I was queuing like a herd of animals waiting to be called out, people who were late still took their place in front of me making me late, how fair is that? - Also one time back then I remember someone who (I assume) didn't speak English, walk up, get his book stamped and walk off without even a greeting. I walk up and get grilled to humiliation. Nothing against the guy in front at all, they should provide him with opportunities to develop in language and refer to places in his community he can build skills/employability etc. Double standards really, discrimination if you like. I'll never forget that. I now spend my time working with volunteers and use my experience to make sure they develop their skills and move on to better things. That is self driven, shame I'm not in charge of the Job Centre circuit, I'd do a much better job and it would be seen in a positive light.
  8. I'm irregular now sadly due to location but I was a committee member for three years from 2009 to 2012. The attitude of 95%+ players in all my years (started playing at SFBC in 2008) is very much just to turn up, play and pay. The club has done incredibly well for so long without the need to change. In my time helping out, the clubs finances were done on one spreadsheet, and the weekly sign ups were done on one sheet of paper in a pad which takes 5 minutes or so to list the names off the forum. We met as a committee 3-4 times a year covering finance/operation and banking was done when necessary. Cancellations/updates are put on facebook so you get a notification instantly. Not sure how much easier that can be? Present your idea up at the next AGM is the best way to get support, if it works they'll vote. The two replies in 8 months on this post might emphasize what I'm saying about pay and play attitude, that's all people want to do. Possible evidence that change isn't necessary? If there was a simpler way of operating I'm sure it would have been implemented by now. This is coming from the biggest risk taker out there. We broke the Guinness World Record in 2011 playing a 29 hour badminton match. I love change, my personal opinion is it doesn't need it. Though I'm happy and open to be convinced. Also a lot of the above is just my opinion, could well be plenty of players wanting to embrace change. Any ideas to support the club and the committee are always well received so good on you for bringing up some ideas. Best wishes, hope to see you all on court soon. Allan. (Dave)
  9. Doing a cover letter to compliment my CV. I don't have the job title experience for the role, but can demonstrate the skills needed through other roles and volunteering. I'm worried if the letter is too long, they won't have the time to read it due to the number of applications they are bound to get. Two pages enough, three too much? More or less...thoughts?
  10. Hi, Thanks for the responses. I haven't taken ownership of the bill in either the phone conversation or the first letter I sent. They clearly can't provide the information so other than my name I don't even know this firm is legit, could be a scam for all I know and my level of work it's easy to find my details online. As for morals and paying it back, I've been screwed over by banks and others all my life. I've been in debt nearly all my adult life (over 20k). Paid the lot back and became debt free in 2012 just before my 30th birthday. It nearly ruined my life, in fact it did cost me doing lots of things I wanted to do. So no morals from me in this instance. I'll let you know how I get on... ☺
  11. I've been contacted by a debt collection agency about a debt. The account is a mobile phone bill which was taken out over 10 years ago in 2004. The letter I got was more of a fishing one, not asking for payment. I called them and asked for more proof the account was mine bar the name I responded and said can I have a copy of signed credit agreement. They were reluctant to talk about civil rights over the phone and asked me to write in (I'm aware of tactics these companies can use from my own research) I received a response today. They said "as I was in a Service Agreement (not a Credit Agreement) therefore they are unable to provide any copy agreements/contracts and have no obligation to do so." ...Please contact us immediately blah blah... What else is annoying is the letter is dated 3rd December. Not sure if that's a dirty tactic to say they contacted me then or if the Royal Mail are just backlogged with it being peak time of the year, lol! So.. They haven't proven that contract is mine. They only have my name. The bill is a little over £100, which if proven is mine I'll happily set up a plan to get it paid off, but until they prove it's mine, can I refuse to pay?
  12. This is about to become reality for The Circle Shop on Ecclesall Rd. They are having issues with the landlord and the council about the building they are operating from and need some support in our voices, well signatures... The Circle Shop is a place where you can chill out with a drink, you can purchase the furniture you sit on and any decor on display. The shop relies on donations but also has a team of young apprentices who are up cycling and building for the shop. Open mic nights also let musicians have a crack at playing in public to help them get off the ground. The also do many other community focussed events. All profits are either donated to local charities or used to support community projects including helping the homeless. So that's a massive dent to the local community if this place closes. If you agree or just like what they are trying to achieve then please sign the online petition. You could have signed it in the time you spent reading this. If you like their page on Facebook they are offering entry to a prize draw for 10 Cat T-Shirts if you share their post, lol. Full details on the link where you can sign. https://www.change.org/p/the-good-people-of-sheffield-help-us-open
  13. Look up The Circle Shop Sheffield on Facebook. They are advertising for apprentices in a variety of fields. Cracking concept of a social enterprise going on there. You can visit for a drink and buy the furniture you sit on!
  14. After some holiday ideas that the kids will get plenty of fun out of. Somewhere to keep them busy all day with plenty to do, basically like Butlins, but we've been a few times before and wanting something different where they haven't been before. I used to go to a few of the caravan / camping parks as a youngster but no idea which ones are still open or any good. Anyone got any names to chuck in before I start researching? Not fussed wether it's on the coast or not, and don't mind a long journey either. Cost is an issue though so looking for value. Thanks
  15. Anyone been here recently? Going for a week next week. Looking at a couple of day trips, probably to Milan then another day to head to Venice I think. Anyone recommend any trips, money saving tips etc? Not hiring a car as the Cities are a nightmare and by the time you've done park and ride it's probably easier to do the trains? - and cheaper maybe? Thanks in advance.
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