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  1. i vaguely remember Mrs Booth i spent my last days in the annexe before passing to Greystones Secondary Any one remember Paul Frost or Bill Spate ?
  2. what happened to the SQUARE TV AERIAL you designed years ago ?
  3. hi shanes teeth the only name in your list i can remember is vickers who had a builders yard off trap lane on the lefthand corner of latham square was a paper shop owned by dick milnes on the righthand corner lived the ledgers who had a taxi service at the top of latham sq was a cobblers shop owned by ernest marples just down from latham sq in trap lane was a side road leading up to a bakery owned by evans who had a shop opposite the post office at bents green
  4. hi pigiron i didnt know wilf hancock but knew a donald hancock lived in ( i think) latham square ?
  5. hi beberry i lived at 44 trap lane from 40s to late 50s what number trap lane were you ? were you a member of the fish/walk rifles?
  6. what happened to jimmy hagen of the blades
  7. matches were played at parkhead with visits from famous stars i remember keith miller being on verandah but we kids were not allowed in the pub so were unable to get his autograph i left sheffield in 53 so didnt see the 60s cricket week
  8. sorry cannot remember the dates but there were some other famous names running that day besides macdonald bailey date would probably have been between46&50s i would guess
  9. anyone remember the cricket at park head saw macdold bailey running there one evening left the rest of them standing
  10. i was at greystones around 48 to 52 ? was sports champion junior year mid year & senior year we won the sheffield schools relay cannot remember the year michael grundy
  11. spent many happy hours playing in the roughs in the 40s i lived in trap lane & in the bad winter in the 40s we could sledge down the road & into the roughs it was a long walk back in the war search lights were based on the playing fields at high storrs school
  12. used to drink there early 50s was a freehouse owned by the marsdens family i think later bought by bass?
  13. have i got the right place i lived at trap lane bents green & used to play inthe grounds & the derelict hall people still lived in the stable block i think they were called spencer?they may have been caretakers i cannot remember any soldiers being stationed in the grounds there was another house close by cannot remember the name of it the house we played in was a complete ruin
  14. saw jane of daily mirror fame at attercliffe palace in those days the nudes were not allowed to move so to encourage some movement from these ladies peashooters were used by certain types in the galleries
  15. last film i saw up in the gods was gary cooper in cloak & dagger
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