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  1. Why not go to Arbor Low? It is much closer and usually something going off on the Soltice.
  2. We have 2 pairs of cats. Both from kittens. I really think kittens benefit from having another one to play with and become gentler cats in the long run. They learn that biting and claw play hurts! The first 2 we got get on well but are very different and rarely curl up together. The younger 2 came as terrified feral kittens and we were only fostering them but they came round and are very friendly loving cats now and have a home for life here. One of them barely goes outside! (they have a cat flap) These 2 are very very close, they still play and often sleep together, but they are also obsessed with Monty from the first pair. He is often cuddled up with the youngsters. If Monty goes out for hours which often happens, they greet him on return rubbing up against him and purring. Part of the reason we weren't going to keep the feral kittens is I didn't want to upset the other 2 but it really hasn't been an issue. The only time we see any bad language between any of them is if Millie (older cat) is having a cuddle with me, and Splash (younger cat) wants my attention and tries to fit in. Millie will give Splash a little bap with her paw if she gets close enough. So as long as individual cats are available for people who only want 1 cat for whatever reason, I don't see a problem with it and I see many benefits. Including a higher rate of re-homing. Cat pairs do have to be chosen carefully though I think.
  3. TheTwirler. I really feel for you. Good luck with the detox and see you on the other side, also well done for sharing your experiences. I know EXACTLY where you are coming from. I had an operation last summer and was prescribed Coedine which didn't agree with me, then Tramadol instead and I very quickly became dependent. It really is dangerous stuff. I was taking under the amount prescribed to me and was only on it for a few weeks before trying to come off. What an awful experience, the pains I experienced made me just want to take more and basically, the recovery from my operation was made worse by a drug dependency. It didn't help that just before I noticed I was dependent my GP gave me 3 big boxes of the stuff to manage the pain related to the disease I have (connected to my operation, but I'd managed on lower pain relief or none for years). I remember walking out thinking "Yay this is going to last me a while" and then thought "no, that isn't a healthy feeling to have". I confessed to my OH I thought I had a dependency/addiction and I lowered my dose gradually over 2 weeks to half a day and then off completely. I also went through withdrawal like you. Awful! There should be a lot more monitoring and awareness about this prescription medication. Keep at it, the good news is once it's over, it's over. Just look back at this thread if you are ever tempted to take it again just remember the pain, and that you will have to go through all this again!
  4. I don't know much about pillow foot but would some silver spray for skin help? I know you can get it for some animals and spraying would avoid having to bathe. It is meant to gently help with infections and healing.
  5. Can't help with the massage but my step mum has had great benefit from a few sessions of Amatsu following months of pain and mobility with a frozen shoulder so maybe you should look into that?
  6. Is that for osteo or Rheumatoid Arthritis?
  7. Was going to suggest Act One, my bro works there. If you would like details let me know.
  8. OH had hypnotherapy a few years ago but has since found a lot of help in various alternative remedies- one thing I would try and find out is if you are producing too much adrenaline. Acupuncture/Amatsu/Reflexology might help find this out and also reduce it. OH had too much heat in his body which was causing some of his anxiety- since this has been balanced he has felt much better. He also uses hypnotherapy videos on Youtube when he starts to feel anxious about something. I can't believe they actually work but they seem to for him.
  9. Well done that is really good going!
  10. Thanks Strix- yes that was one of the areas we were aiming for
  11. I agree, you really need to speak to a qualified nutritionist or dietician. Did they say all fats?
  12. So sorry to hear about your loss. R.I.P Royal Ascot.
  13. Me and my mum are planning a trip to Manchester to hunt for a long sleeved gown for her to get married in. She doesn't want a traditional style dress. Does anyone have any suggestions of where to look? It isn't the normal type of thing to be looking for We will probably be looking in Sheffield too, if anyone has any suggestions. just fancied a trip to another city and Manchester is close.
  14. Wow, didn't know all that. How interesting. Going to start eating more apples now.
  15. I knew about it but couldn't make the date so please do let us know if you decide to do this again.
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