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Work place rota not ontime

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Hi could anybody give advice I'm a support worker been working years for company 37.5 contracted a week but do up to 60hrs we have in the last couple of months not been getting our rota till Sunday pm we can't make appointments ourself and haven't got a life it works round the company if I didn't love my job I would have left surely this isn't fair or right can we do anything?

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I would recommend an informal discussion in the first instance to express to them the difficulty the change in practice is causing you.


In terms of any thing more formal - does your contract of employment or any other correspondence give any indication to how far in advance you would get your rota? Until two months ago, when did you get your rota and for how long was this pracitce in place?

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Hi nothing in handbook re rotas and quick change around management every couple of month trying to put new systems and spreadsheets in when clearly don't know what they are doing


So, before the last couple of months, when did you get your rota? How long you worked there?

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