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  1. You are, of course, presuming that he is a member of a union or that the business has a collective agreement for redundancies with the company........
  2. Cyclones advise is correct - but also check your contract of employment as this will show if you have any enhanced redundancy terms (some companies offer enhanced for voluntary redundancy for instance). Dependent upon the numbers that are being made redundant then they will also be a consultation period. If the number is 20 or more than the period is 28 days, if 100 or more then it is 90 days. If less than 20 there is nothing in statute but it has to be "reasonable". Once notice has been served on you, then they may require you to work your notice but you can leave at anytime during that period if you find yourself another job. You would be forfeiting your right to the remainder of your notice pay but you would still receive your redundancy pay if this was to happen. If they don't require you to work your notice then they will pay in lieu of notice (PILON) and you can get another job once notice has been served with no requirement to forfeit any of the PILON. There are a few more ifs and buts involved but hope with what Cyclone has said and the above gives you the base outline.
  3. You obviously never go up and down the parkway each morning and evening then! Fortunately, I go the other way out and in but if you think regular stacks back to Catcliffe in a morning and to Handsworth form J33 is a good then so be it! And it is like that every day of the week (even when kids are on holiday!!)
  4. Don't worry they have put up a sign saying uneven road surface so all is ok now.
  5. Wonder why they were relaying the road outside the property on Sunday morning.
  6. So if you're allowed to park on yellow lines on a bank holiday but that yellow line is in a bus lane, do you still get a ticket?
  7. Sorry planner. That last bit is not true. A friend of mine received a ticket for exactly that. Only the back half of the car went into the bus lane. The photograph shows exactly that. This was a couple of years ago - not sure if things have changed now but by obtaining a copy of the photograph, they were prevented from paying the lower charge. With that in mind, I am sure there are loads where people have just crossed the line, been given a ticket and not asked for the photograph and just took the lower charge. I probably drive on that bit two mornings a month which is not really scientific, but each time I have done, as Diezeltruck says, I have seen vehicles go across the end of the bus lane (with buses cutting back the other way). Given the restricted hours of that bus lane, what he is saying is almost certainly absolutely correct. I have never seen a vehicle that is not either a taxi or a bus drive completely down the bus lane.
  8. What an absolute load of tosh, Planner. Bus Lane on Abbeydale Road and junction of Woodseats Road. Junction at the end of Ecclesall Road with the camera on it that takes a fortune in fines. Bus Lane that runs past the Tesco garage on Abbeydale Road. And there are loads more that just cause traffic to stack back unnecessary because they end too close to the junction. I have said before the one at the end of Ecclesall Road just causes carnage with buses moving from left lane to right and cars going the other way. That one is certainly no more than a money grabber. All that happens is people lose respect for their purpose and this thread shows just that.
  9. Do you think before they finish building it, there's a chance that they will stop cars turning right coming down Prince of Wales Road onto Castlebeck Avenue to prevent to the total chaos that goes off at that junction every morning and evening? And at the same time, maybe put some peak traffic controls in place at the parkway roundabout (particularly aimed at keeping the traffic flowing and stopping cars coming off the parkway and back on again every morning to avoid the jams).
  10. If you read the article it is talking about Parking Charge Notices for which bus lane violations are included ---------- Post added 09-12-2017 at 11:45 ---------- https://www.comparethemarket.com/car-insurance/content/parking-fines/ http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-5143893/Do-live-parking-fine-hotspot-UK-10-revealed.html
  11. I think it is actually the bus lane camera at the end of Ecclesall Road that provides the biggest revenues. I wouldn't confess to driving down there every day, but probably five or six times a month when the bus lane times are in force and every single time I have seen a car cut across at the end of the bus lane just before it ends. Usually trying to avoid a bus (or taxi) cutting across them coming the other way.
  12. Sorry for delay in replying. Been on hols! Not sure if you found out what you are after but it pretty standard in some contracts. Should not be greater than the legal reasons though. You can see the detail here: http://www.acas.org.uk/index.aspx?articleid=1639
  13. They can but under GDPR it will become free and a 28 day timeframe. Most (certainly bigger) companies have adopted already.
  14. Cones have just gone out today. 8.15 am. Traffic already stacking onto Bochum Parkway 4 minutes later.
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