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Soundbar Or Base


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I'm thinking of getting a new soundbard for the telly but noticed the sound base... I think that's what they are called.


I have the PC etc all running via HDMI then optical out from the telly to a Yamaha YAS101 soundbar. I think it has great sound and was going to get another bar but noticed these base type ones where the telly sits on top of them. I'd rather spend a bit more on a better one, roughly £300.


Bar or base but needs to have:


Minimum 2 optical inputs (SPDIF/Toslink)


Bonus inputs


3.5 jack

Bluetooth playback


I'm nor really bothered about full 5.1/7.1 systems as I have enough wires to fight with without adding more.


Any ideas ?






If it's of any help to others looking.


I bought a Sony HT-XT1


It fit my needs perfectly having a nice sound, 3 HDMI inputs, 2 Optical inputs, jack socket, bluetooth and NFC all in a fairly small box. No problems setting it up with plenty of features for just over £200.

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