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Looking for Angela Dolan from Co. Fermanagh

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Hi, I am trying to trace a relative called Angela Dolan, originally from Co. Fermanagh, who may have moved to Sheffield in the 1940s. Angela would be in her 90s now and she was friends with three Farry sisters from Fermanagh who also moved to Sheffield in the 40s - I believe their married names were Starling, Woodcraft and Flanagan. I realise it's a long shot but I would be very grateful if anyone could help me. Many thanks.

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Hi Beezy4 - welcome to the Forum!.:).I can just give a little information from public records.


Firstly regarding the Farry sisters, Amanda C. Farry married Eric R. Starling in Sheffield in 1941. Lily A. Farry married Vernon Woodcraft in Sheffield in 1942, but our local daily paper "The Star" reported her death in January aged 101 - see here.


The electoral rolls don't show an Angela Dolan of the right age in Sheffied. There was an Angela Dolan in Barnsley on the 2002-2007 electoral rolls but her age was given as 55-60; likewise an Angela L. Dolan in Sheffield was aged 33-37 at the time of the 2004 electoral roll.


An Angela Dolan, born 10 June 1913, died in the Leeds registration district in Apr-Jun 1997.

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