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Writing a biographical novel

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If you're expecting to start writing and a novel to just flow out of you, then you're asking far too much. You need to write, in whatever form and about whatever subject. Just like any skill, really, you practise it and you get better at it. That includes but is not limited to short or flash fiction, but also essay-writing and argument.


But if you're thinking about how to write a novel per se, then I reckon you've got to start with some ideas about scenes, chunks or chapters that you're going to write. For example, I've found that trying to write the first page first is hopeless, and started somewhere in the middle at the most exciting bit. You need a context that grabs you, and that you have turned over and thought about a lot already. Then you might find that your blank page starts to fill up.


Best of luck.



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Perhaps if you started where you were in life before you had cancer and then how it effected your life, and how you had to adapt your life to deal with it .I speak from experience, i have'nt had cancer but living with someone who has and beaten it so to speak .Now If i was to write a novel about my life, i would start by re-living the day i looked up my grandmothers dress as a 4/5 yr old to be greeted by a whopping big pair of pink bloomers :gag: happy memories .

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