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  1. Booked in to have the above next week, has anyone had this done and what can i expect
  2. I don't think their victims would see it like that: If they suffer so what, i have very little sympathy for them.
  3. Went to the above to collect my mother's pension only to find they had no money to give out the woman behind the counter said she was locking up and went upstairs leaving myself and a dozen other people totally bewildered ..After speaking to people it seems this PO has gone to pot ,current owners either don't have clue as to what they are doing or they are deliberately running the place down whatever the reason people around Hartly Brook are being treated very badly with this shoddy service.
  4. Need a taxi drop to Manchester airport next month. Four adults one child will also require picking up on return, recommendations please.
  5. And it's the local shops and takeaways who love the bleedin students ,if they went they would soon go bust.
  6. Spot on, same as Brexit .They need to get over it and move on.
  7. No there are enough scroungers on the dole. I like the Queen .
  8. You went and asked and they are reviewing your medication, what's the problem .
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