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Football training over the summer.

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As the season comes to an end for all, Sheffield Bankers will be training on Tuesday evenings at Goodwin Sports Center, just near Weston Park.


The training will be at 7pm and as usual all are welcome, subs are £3.


We have two XI-a-side teams involved in a summer league from mid-June and two 6-a-side teams who will be playing on Thursday nights, so there is plenty of opportunity for people to get some Football into their legs over the summer with a view to playing for one of the four XI's teams we will have next year.


Drop me a PM for more information, this really is a friendly team and relaxed summer training atmosphere, perfect for new players who want a good run up at next season.

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Our training will probably be 6-a-side with maybe a fitness or technical session thrown in at the start - I'm trying to get a S&C coach to come later in summer to do some fitness work.


The teams will play 11-a-side almost exclusively between August - April however.

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Hi jam sorry I can't message through private messages but that sounds brilliant mate just message me when trials start and me and my mate will be there


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Also I've played football for charnock ridgeway U16 in the B division and Had trials with Sheffield FC.

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Today - Tuesdays - Sorry should have said me and Twirler manage different teams for the same club. We will be training every Tuesday 7pm-8pm at Goodwin sports centre on the lower 3g pitch. We have 2/3 of the pitch over the summer and so training is a mixture of all the teams.

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Can't make it today but that's brilliant we'll be there next Tuesday


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Things have changed and I've found trials with a club closer but thanks anyway

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