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Abandoned cat - Stannington


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We moved into our house recently and the previous owners have left their cat behind and have since moved abroad.


We have been feeding the cat and have put out bedding etc in the shed, but as we have two cats of our own, we are unable to take it in. Our cats are becoming increasingly stressed and frightened of going out and are scratching and urinating in the house.


We have tried to rehome her with friends but have been unable to find her a new home. We are also in the process of ringing around the rescues to see if we can find her a place.


Could anyone offer any advice or a new home for the cat? She seems to be in good health, is very friendly and we know the previous owners had children and a dog. She's just desperate for a bit of love!


Thanks for reading!

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There are some nasty people about arent there? This is how we aquired a stray cat. Well I'm saying stray...she was 'owned' by a family until they got themselves a dog, then they outed the cat. Couple of years later they moved and left behind the cat. I have 3 of my own cats, but when you've got a hungry wet cold cat on your doorstep what do you do? My cats were like yours, they would not take to her, spitting, hissing growling etc etc. Eventually one dreadful winters night she came in. I kept a close eye on mine so they didnt over power her. And now 12 years later, they all live in the house together, they dont get along, but they tolerate each other. They all seem happy and content, there is the odd spit and hiss and growl and a tap of their paw, but nothing major. We too rang around the various animal charities to see if they could take her and they all had waiting lists, which we did put her name onto. They told me we would be waiting a long time and her name did come up, I think it was around 3-4 months after, but by this time, we had got attached to her and couldnt let her go. But I know we made the right choice for her. She is such a lovely little cat bless her and the last visit to the vet place her around 19-20yr old so shes doing just fine. I cant suggest what you can do, thats got to be your decision but I wish you well and hope you manage to find a loving permanent home for this poor little cat. :)

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Thanks for your replies.


Thankfully after ringing around some rescues, Rainrescue were able to take her in and hopefully have a new home already lined up for her.


I will be making a donation to thank them for their kindness!

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