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  1. I used to go way back in the 70s when Mrs Lord used to run it. My aunt also played a big part there too.
  2. Thank you for that... I've just read through it all. My email from Yahoo also has a link in it so I'll be deleting it too. I've tried doing what sgtkate suggests but it's still in foreign language. Also cleared the cache and browsing history but still foreign language. So I've typed ' Yahoo UK mail ' and it brings the login page up in English so fingers crossed. Thank you to everyone of you whose helped me.
  3. Hi I've been using yahoo mail accounts for a few years now but just lately when I sign with my e-mail address and password it's asking me for them in a foreign language. I've received an email yesterday from Yahoo about a data breach in December 2016. I changed my passwords then and it's asking me to do it again. Plus I'm getting hundreds of not nice spam emails. I'm sorry if you're having difficulty understanding this but I'm not that good at explaining things when it comes to technical stuff. But if anyone can offer me any advice that would be much appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Thank you to everyone who offered suggestions. I'll give them a look over on the internet.
  5. Hi I'm looking to buy a smallish car to get me to work and back and was wondering if anyone can recommend any decent car sales in Sheffield or surrounding areas. I've seen a few used car sales and had a look but to be honest the cars for sale are rubbish. Either high mileage or a mess inside..full of rust ...short mot etc. Now I know I'm not going to get a new car for what I'm planning on spending but I would like something half decent. If anyone can recommend somewhere I'd be most grateful. Thank you.
  6. We have one of these types of window cleaners but to be honest I much prefer the old style window cleaners. They would wipe all your frames and sills etc . This new one we have now leaves our Windows wet through so they dry all dirty looking and his brush has marked our front and back doors. And I'm charged £6 for the privelege!! Just my opinion though.
  7. There are some nasty people about arent there? This is how we aquired a stray cat. Well I'm saying stray...she was 'owned' by a family until they got themselves a dog, then they outed the cat. Couple of years later they moved and left behind the cat. I have 3 of my own cats, but when you've got a hungry wet cold cat on your doorstep what do you do? My cats were like yours, they would not take to her, spitting, hissing growling etc etc. Eventually one dreadful winters night she came in. I kept a close eye on mine so they didnt over power her. And now 12 years later, they all live in the house together, they dont get along, but they tolerate each other. They all seem happy and content, there is the odd spit and hiss and growl and a tap of their paw, but nothing major. We too rang around the various animal charities to see if they could take her and they all had waiting lists, which we did put her name onto. They told me we would be waiting a long time and her name did come up, I think it was around 3-4 months after, but by this time, we had got attached to her and couldnt let her go. But I know we made the right choice for her. She is such a lovely little cat bless her and the last visit to the vet place her around 19-20yr old so shes doing just fine. I cant suggest what you can do, thats got to be your decision but I wish you well and hope you manage to find a loving permanent home for this poor little cat.
  8. Hi..I have 4 cats all in good health, all in their later years, one being nearly 20years old. My beautiful male cat has recently not been eating as much as he normally does, but still kept eating just smaller portions. The weight over the last 2-3 months is coming off him, but as he is happy and himself I put it down to him getting on a bit. He appears fine in himself, drinking, going to the loo etc etc perfectly normal. I noticed on Monday his gums seemed to be a bit yellow, so I took him to the vet and she said he was jaundiced, she examined him and he wasnt in any pain whilst she was doing this. She said she would do some blood tests to try to determine the cause of the jaundice but quoted me a price I cannot afford at this moment. So I asked for an alternative approach. Anyhow, she gave me some antibiotics and a liver supplement for his liver and we have to go back in a few days time. Since he as been taking the antibiotics his appetite has returned and I now cant fill him bless him. He is still yellow. I have googled jaundice in cats and frightened myself to death, as per usual. I'm just wondering if anyone else has had a cat with jaundice and how they treat it etc etc...Like I said earlier, he is his normal self, I've had cats for over 30years but never one to have this problem. Any advise would be of great help....Thanks....
  9. Happy New Year to everyone. ..I hope 2015 brings my family lots of happiness and laughter and love and good health. .. ...and it's bringing us another new grandchild. ..
  10. We had a gritting lorry come down our road at lunchtime today with a plough on the front. He didn't use the plough or grit the road. ..just drove down the road. .where's the sense in that.
  11. We saw a guy doing this dressed as Yoda in Whitby a few weeks ago... group of teenage girls came across him and they were screaming and freaking out...
  12. I've recently let my hair dye grow out..to reveal white hair which I've had since my teens...thats why I dyed it in the first place. ..went to the hairdresser and was charged the oap rate. ...I'm now considering dying it again. ....now that made me feel old....wouldn't mind but I'm no where near being an oap! !
  13. Thanks for your help ..The exhaust place never mentioned about turning it off to be honest. ..and I didn't think to ask either. ..but again. .thanks for your help.
  14. Thanks for your info. All I know is that the first place said it was showing on the scanning machine as the cat was faulty. We dont have any of the signs of a faulty cat with the car. This place turned the light off...within 3 days it came back on...we then went to the exhaust place..the emissions test they did was done 3 days before the scan....they didnt tell me if it was a current fault..they just said not to spend a lot of money..especially on the cat..because it might not cure the problem, as they had known that happen in the past, so thats when they referred me to another place to get the codes and to pinpoint the exact fault....they said...they didnt turn the light off so its still on...but the car is running fine...it doesnt stall..misfire..not using a lot of petrol..at the moment anyway....so maybe like you said...see how it goes for a while....
  15. I put that because of what the garage told us...not what you said...read my post properly before you jump in and start name calling
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