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Clean and Polish

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Clean and Polish

Appointment time two fifteen,

All around looking spotlessly clean,

Receptionist gives me a form to fill out,

You will be next, they will give you a shout,

Just sat down and all I can here is the drilling,

Some poor soul probably having a filling,

Picked up one of those boring magazines,

Pictures on the walls saying how to keep those teeth clean,

She calls me in and I sit in the chair,

The usual pleasantries we both share,

With dreaded fear, sat nervously waiting,

Her assistant then applies this apron.

Open up then let’s take a look,

This thing in her hand with a tiny hook,

Swiftly she works through my top set of nashers,

Prodding and poking with occasional scratches,

Then sets about the bottom row of teeth,

All looking well she says, my heart sighs a relief,

I can’t explain that sudden feeling of joy,

Been terrified of the Dentists since a little boy,

Barely five minutes in time had expired,

Just a clean and polish that’s all is required.



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