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  1. Homeless Tha’s nobody, Tha’s on thee own, Since being kicked out, A full beard tha’s grown, Clothes consists of old jeans, Jumper and jacket, An old pair of boots, That didn’t cost a packet, You have one pair of socks, And pants to tha name, A blanket that tha wraps around, Tha skinny frame, Sit in doorway on an old cushion you found, The only thing that’s keeping, Your backside from the ground, Tha’s got a new name now, It’s called a beggar on’t street, Asking for spare change, So tha can buy thee sen sumat to eat, Long gone those days, When you owned thee own home, Went on holidays to cities, Like Barcelona and Rome, You were respected, With wife, and job in the city, Lost the lot in months, Since life has shown you no pity, First to go was job, Followed by the wife? The house was repossessed, Brought the next change in life, Mounting debts saw everything, Taken from under your feet, Finally, all was left, Was a life on the street? The subway on a night, Provides shelter to kip, From a chipped old mug, A hot drink you sip, Occasionally might get tha head down, In hostel for a treat, A bed and a shower, Sumat warm to eat, Once a week, The facility can be used for free, Tother six nights, Homeless is a grim reality.
  2. Really enjoyed reading this, during this week they announced that services had been cut by 20% to helping the vulnerable in society, shocking is all I can say, you may want to read my poem called Beryl and I wrote one called homeless.. keep up the sterling work!
  3. A Last Farewell to Remember When I finally take my trip to the sky, Not one person do I expect to see cry, As I sit in the Crem waiting for you all to arrive, Where for 20 minutes you will remember when I was alive, No black or no fancy colours are you permitted to wear, No hats, no flowers, for these I had little care, Quite strangely a sending off that you may never forget, Alas I not being there to witness my last and only regret, A notice to appear a week before this day, Mentioning that I had passed away, This to some maybe welcome news, Possibly because of my controversial views, Yet the last laugh I hope we can all share as well, As you come and bid me a final farewell, All present that is including the Vicar too, Has no option but to turn up in the nude. Who no doubt with balls like that, Could have been a Cannon!
  4. Eggs n Bacon (to the tune of Rod Stewarts Sailing and it just about fits,play song follow the words hope you enjoy) Gosh I'm Starvin Gosh I'm Starvin what we avin For us tea Cos I’m hungry Get int kitchen Do a fry up for us tea Now she's frying Yes she's frying Eggs n bacon Plus baked beans She is frying smells fantastic soon be on plate, Will me tea Taste amazing, Taste amazing This fry up, For me tea Bacon well done, Eggs n beans, Topped wiv Brown Sauce That’s HP Taste amazing, Taste amazing Bacon well done Eggs and beans When she’s frying, When she’s frying Taste fantastic, Does me tea Instrumental (bit) Eggs n Bacon, Eggs n Bacon any time for me tea Eggs n Bacon, Eggs n Bacon Our lass knows What’s best for me? Our lass... knows What’s best... for... me.... Oh God.. she... knows What’s best.... for... me.... Oh god She ... knows What’s... best... for... me.... God she knows Instrumental
  5. The Door Knocker Man Old Daniel Brown, It was his job, To wake up the entire Town, His Profession, Was the Door Knocker Man? Industry and Businesses Relied on Knocker Dan, Way back then in 1772, Every man had a job to do, But only Dan could afford a clock, It was he that gave you that morning knock, Earliest call would be 3.15, Ernest the baker had to be seen to be keen, At 4.30am Mary Pugh needed her call, She had to set up her Market stall, One by One Dan would knock on their door, He had customers fifty or more, Some would pay in coin, More often in goods, Terms of the contract, Always understood, Way back then every town, Had a Door Knocker Man, Like Daniel Brown. JB On breakfast news they spoke about The reliance a town or village had on the Door Knocker man many years ago.
  6. Beryl Sifting through what people had decided to give away, Was all part of her normal day? Looking for clothing to replace her tattered rags, Beryl spent her time rummaging through old plastic bags, Stuff the charity shop could not sell, or had no use for, Would be left in bags for collection by the back door, Her life so desperately hard, so she turned to drink, Then her downward spiral continued to sink, She takes shelter in a squat from time to time, Where she drinks her large bottle of disgustingly cheap wine, Bought from money that she had managed to beg, Tipping up the bottle getting every last dreg, Her teeth missing from fights and decay, This not a problem as a smile had long since passed away, Swigging her wine, with bottled clasped in her hand, Uttering the words hard to understand, No one cares the world watches on, This rant of hers went on and on, Only coming to a stop, when she could slur no more, Her tired head hitting the cold hard floor, The alcohol abused to maximum effect, Possibly the only way she would sleep I dare suspect, Maybe she dreams that she gently slips away, So that she never has to face another torrid day. (; Sad facts that on Christmas day it will be like just another day xx JB
  7. Seen Old Arthur In’t Park Sat at his usual bench, With him, he had a flask of tea, For that thirst, he uses to quench, Beautiful morning, Not a cloud to be seen, Heavy dew on grass, Yet still looked lush green, Up in the trees, you can hear birds singing, Over in the distance, A church bell ringing, Many a day You would visit the park, Arthur would be there, From morning till dark, If you ever asked him, How he spent his day, “Sitting here his reply” “Just passing time away”
  8. Some head to Blackpool, Some head to Skegness, Some just want to escape, From their daily stress, Some head further, And even venture abroad, Some go all inclusive, And some go half board, Some lay on beaches, Whilst others choose to explore, Some sign up for trips, That you can do, On every package tour, Some are not so lucky, And barely travel far, Maybe a day out on train, Or perhaps a ride in’t car, Some visit Pubs for lunch, And some for afternoon tea, Maybe it’s a morning brunch, Or a tram ride across the city, Free time, Holiday time, Or simple times, For pleasure, Just some of things we do, Too while away, Our leisure.
  9. Heard those words, Knocked for six, No quick, Apparent fix, Sense of, Impending doom, Long lingering, Eternal gloom, Worthless, Or unworthy, Perhaps both, Probably, Go away, Can’t talk, today, Maybe not, Even tomorrow, It’s your pain, Your sorrow, Your worlds, A mess, Thinking Depressed, Curled up, Into a little ball, Deeper, deeper, You start to fall, But you are high, Looking down, From the sky, Shaking your head, Asking why me? Johnsbucket
  10. Out walking in’t woods, Wit dog for company, Then rather strangely, This thought, Suddenly occurred to me, If these trees could talk, Just what would they say? Probably, Oi you wit dog, Can you ger him to pee the other way? Johnsbucket
  11. The Meadow Sitting in the meadow, That place we spent many an afternoon, For a minute I was alone, But then I felt you beside me, You have been gone for some time, I wasn’t sure how I would cope, Maybe I haven’t coped, Maybe I have just got by, It was our favourite place, This picturesque setting, We spent many of our courting days there, I would gaze into your eyes, The sun shone through your hair, And your smile, Will never forget that smile, I have missed you, So much my love, It has not been the same without you, Nor will it be the same again, Then once again you had gone, Only for a few seconds, You were there, I felt your presence, I sensed your spirit. You were back with me, Sitting in the meadow. johnsbucket
  12. Sat in a coffee shop, People watching again, They have no idea, Although they could, Be doing the same, Noticed an old man, Sat opposite me, Going to call him, Little granddad, As I imagine, A Granddad to be, Two would be lovers, Staring, Into each other’s eyes, Each thinking, They, Have got first prize, My favourites though, By more than a short mile, Are a couple of ladies? With the biggest smiles, As they gazed down, At their, Covered tea plates, Sat upon them, A pair of, Most delightful Cream cakes, Intensely now watching, This gluttonous pair, Who shovelled it? To their mouths, Without a care, Thick rich cream, Sponge, And jam, I was soon becoming, One Envious man. These two ladies, With generous, Hips, Cream visible, At the side, Of their lips. Totally unaware, Enjoying their day, I Watching with delight, Them, Gorging away. johnsbucket
  13. Sitting on a bench, Alone with your mind, Wondering what thoughts, You will try to unwind, Ideas flow so you pick up the pen, Most will start with remember when, It’s not because you’re scarred, That’s for sure, Sometimes it becomes, The perfect cure, Within the words, A story will unfold, That sense of warmth, Will banish the cold, The flowing pen, Brings on a wry smile, That inner feeling, Of being, Worthwhile. Johnsbucket
  14. Covering up, Those woes and fears, A painted smile, Now masquerades those tears, Daily trials and tribulations, Their way of handling, Difficult situations, Carefully in the mirror, They will create that face, Life’s troubles, Firmly put in a safe place, Hidden, Is this little box of used tricks? That only they feel, In time they can fix, Paint on that smile, Conceal those cracks, Carefully smother, Those worries tracks, Slowly they have built up this, Protective fence, A shut door tight, Hides this pretence. People frown, And sometimes mock depression, Shame or fear, Will stop their confession
  15. The WI ladies were getting excited all were seeking first prize, Those judges were the ones that had to sample their pies, Audrey who had been a winner several times in the past, Her experience in judging could only be called vast, Betty the other lady was judging her first competition, The pies all had to be of old family tradition. In all there were more than thirty exhibits, First Prize was a meal in the Village Pub and a pair of Cinema tickets, Doris Nugent was last year’s winner, Her pie was what her husband claimed was his favourite dinner, Chicken, leeks and mushrooms, in a creamy sauce with a short pastry crust, He claimed he could eat it till his belly was fit to bust. Amongst the favourites this year was Dolly Thomas, A renowned baker full of promise, Her pie was traditional meat and potato, The meat she cooked on a low temperature very slow, Her Potatoes were from Ramsbottoms farm shop, Farmer Ted always saved her the best from his crop. Myrtle Roberts was also a dab hand in the kitchen, Her Pie was like last year’s winner made from Chicken, Well Betty! Said Audrey I think Myrtles is a splendid bake, Just has the edge over Elsie’s steak, Though Dolly and her Meat and Potato, For me is the star of the Baked Pie Show. So it was agreed that Dolly’s pie was ultimately the best, And was judged to be, this year’s winner at the WI Pie Fest. johnsbucket
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