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Dance Performance "Hidden Beauty" by Lucie Lee Dance Company

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“Hidden Beauty offers you the opportunity to turn an everyday trip into a beautiful adventure, which is wonderfully executed by our dancers. This unique, interactive, live performance connects the spectator in a response to the universal theme of identity and sense of self and place.

The dancers use contact dance techniques to engage the audience with the space and environment and make everyone aware that beauty is all around us – however, sometimes it is hidden from us. Two pairs of dancers perform duets, including some seated work, alongside moves where the dancers pull each other across the stage, and use is made of counter-balance, and includes an interactive element.


Lucie Lee Dance Company is an emerging professional dance company, which incorporates digital media into their dance performances. Some of our dancers have disabilities, and our performance will address issues of who can dance, and create an inclusive platform.” Chris Nykiel, dancer.





Friday 26th April 5:30pm

Saturday 27th April 1pm and 3pm


Tickets available from Cupola Gallery (0114) 285 2665


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Check out the Youtube video


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