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Lost our tortoshell/tabby young female cat S8


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Our 2 year old cat went missing on Wednesday 20th march, she is tortoshell (ginger,black and white) and has some fur re-growing on her back due to a skin condition which is currently being treated by the vet and requires special dietary food along with monthly injections! She has never goes far away and is always within hearing distance of our house. I have been up and down the roads where we live to see that she hasn't been run over and there has been no sign of her! She is missed very much by all of us and her sister is currently very confused as to where she has gone!


Any information or sightings please contact me either by PM or on 07956659788.


Thanks Julia

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Can we have an area guide of where she's gone missing from? Large area S8. Get knocking on neighbours doors. She might of tucked herself away in someones shed or garage if she's sneaked in to get out of the cold. Also....is she wearing a collar?

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